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MGF Flex Yoke

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Sport Mount - Flex Yoke

Product Description

MGF has quickly become the go to choice for pilots looking to mount their iPad and other electronics in the cockpit. MYGOFLIGHT has used their years of experience, proprietary technology, and the highest quality materials to develop the strongest and most versatile mounting solution on the market.

The Flex Yoke has been designed to meet the needs of pilots and attaches to any yoke shaft or any other bar from 1.59cm (5/8") to 3.81cm (1.5") in diameter.

Note: A MGF Device Holder is required to use this mount. If you do not already own one you can add one to your order of this mount.

Flex Suction was tested to withstand a 20 g impact. To view the test results Click Here.

Flex Suction can be installed by any pilot in any aircraft. Use the quick release suction cup to securily mount to glass or any other smooth surface.

Ball and socket ends and a ratcheting center provide infinite adjustment to height and position.

Rotate device between landscape and portrait positions in-flight when mounted.

This mount comes with a Gen 3 Sport Adapter which quickly connects to any MYGOFLIGHT device holder. Press both green buttons to remove.
From iPad to GoPro this mount can securely hold any device including iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Microsoft Surface, GoPro, Garmin GPS, and even more.

Flex Yoke Demonstration

The Sport Mount - Flex Yoke construction:
  • The arm is comprised of three independent joints, all adjustable and lockable from a single, centrally located, control knob.
  • The control knob joint is adjustable to 360° and the two end joints are mini-ball heads that are adjustable to 105°. The yoke clamp has a quick release toggle clasp.
  • Fits yoke shafts from 5/8" to a maximum of 1 1/2" The control knob allows partial loosening for safe and precise iPad/Tablet positioning.
  • The control knob allows partial loosening for safe and precise device positioning.
  • No longer limited to fixed length, limited rotation RAM arms.
  • Takes all of the guess work out of mount size selection and problems of imprecise positioning.

To position:
  • Position and lock the yoke clamp. Tighten the control knob on the flex arms.
  • Attach the Device Holder (Sold Separately) with device to the Sport Adapter
  • Loosen the control knob, position the device.
  • Tighten the yoke clamp.
  • Fine tune device positioning, tighten control knob.

Other details:
  • Arm Extension: 8.89cm (3.5") to 26.67cm (10.5")
  • Arm Diameter: 1.91cm 3/4"
  • Arm Material: Aluminum
  • Yoke Clamp Expansion: Min. 1.91cm (3/4") or Max. 3.81cm (1 1/2")
  • Yoke Clamp Material: Plastic and Aluminum
  • Sport Adapter Diameter: 3.81cm (1 1/2")
  • Sport Adapter Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 386 grams (13.6 Oz.)

Included components:
  • Flex Yoke Base
  • Generation 3 Sport Adapter

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  • Kataloška številka: MNT-1820
  • Proizvajalec: MYGOFLIGHT

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