Icom PS-80 napajalnik za bazno postajo

Icom PS-80 napajalnik za bazno postajo

940,00€  DDV vključen v ceno

Bazna postaja z napajalnikom za IC-A210E z vgrajenim zvočnikom in mikrofonom HM-176
(postaja ni vključena, nakup posebej)

Designed for quick and easy installation and removal of the IC-A200 or IC-A200 #100 or IC-A210 the PS-80 has a built-in speaker and HM-176 microphone.

Provides convenient operation of the IC-A200 & IC-A200 #100 on the ground.

The Icom PS-80 offers quick, easy installation of the IC-A210 in one compact desk-top unit that combines a power supply, speaker, microphone, headphone and antenna connectors. (radio not included.

Power Supply is user selectable for 110 or 220/240 V AC operation and supports a full 7 Watt transmitter output. Large internal speaker booms out 5 watts of audio.

Microphone, headphone and antenna connectors are standard in the Icom PS-80 so no wiring is necessary.

Just plug in your selected hand or desktop microphone or headphone and outside antenna and you're on the air.


Input:117 / 220 / 240 VAC (±10% selectable)
Output:13.8 VDC / 6A ± 5% negative ground
Duty Rate:1 h continuous at max. current
Operating temperature:-10°C + 40°C

Dimensions (W x H x D):
200mm x 200mm x 300 mm

6 kg

Optional Procom CXL-3-1 or Procom CXL-3-1LW (Base Station Antenna) to complete the package are available (sold separately).

  • Razpoložljivost: Po naročilu - cena informativna
  • Kataloška številka: ICOM-PS-80
  • Proizvajalec: Icom

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