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MGF GoPro®/Garmin Virb Adapter (MNT-1655)

Sport - GoPro ®/Garmin Virb Adapter

Combine the Sport - GoPro® Adapter with any MGF Sport Mount (Sold Seperately) to mount your GoPro® camera in your plane, boat, or anywehre else you desire.

The Sport - GoPro® Adapter is made out of aircraft grade aluminum and works with any GoPro® camera. Capture all of your life moments on your GoPro® using the Sport - GoPro® Adapter.

** NOTE: This is just the cradle. Mounts and GoPro® camera both sold seperately.

** DISCLAIMER: This adapter is not intended for external use. Only use this adapter to mount your camera inside the cockpit. MGF is not responsible for lost or damaged GoPro or Garmin VIRB cameras that were mounted outside.

Mounting your GoPro® with the Sport - GoPro® Adapter and MGF Flex Arms allows you the ability to position your GoPro® camera anywhere you would like. MGF Flex Arms are infinitely adjustable so you can mount your GoPro® camera anywhere and everywhere. Something that you are not able to accomplish with any other mounting system.

Sport - GoPro ®/Garmin Virb Adapter Demonstration

Sport - GoPro® Adapter works with all GoPro® models and all Garmin Virb models

    Other Details:
    • Hardware: Locking Screw, Plastic Washers
    • Weight: 57g (2 Oz.)
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Adapter Diameter: 3.81cm (1.5")

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    MGF Phone Cradle (MNT-1650)

    Sport - Phone Cradle
    The Sport - Phone Cradle is designed to work with almost any smartphone in virtually any case, or no case at all. As a mountable, it connects and easily rotates when paried with MGF Sport Mounts. The arms of the cradle are adjustable via the adjustable knob making it easy to insert and remove your phone securely. No matter how you use it, the Sport - Phone Cradle meets the demands of pilots operating in extreme motion.

    Compatible with any smartphone as small as the iPhone 5 and as big as the iPhone 7 Plus (Minimum width = 5.72cm (2 1/4") | Maximum width = 10.16cm (4"))

    Compatible with any protective case

    Phone Cradle Features:
    Tablet secured, viewable, and operable with one hand during critical phases of flight as required by FAA.

    360° ROTATION
    Rotate tablet between landscape and portrait positions in-flight when mounted.

    Allows for fast coupling and tablet rotation when used with Sport Mounts.

    Cradle easily connects and rotates when paired with Sport Mounts.

    Other Details:
    • Extension: Min: 5.72cm (2.25"), Max: 10.16cm (4")
    • Weight: 54g (1.9 Oz.)
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Adapter Diameter: 3.81cm (1.5")

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    MGF GPS Adapter (MNT-1660)

    Sport - GPS Adapter
    Sport - GPS Adapter is the perfect solution for mounting all Garmin Portable Avionics, as well as any other device that uses the AMPs hole pattern.

    The Sport - AMPs Adapter securely connects to all Garmin portables including the aera® 660, aera® 796, aera® 795, aera® 510 GPSMAP® 696, GPSMAP® 695, and more. Once the GPS Adapter is connected to the GPS you can quickly and securely mount the portable avionics using any MGF Sport Mount (Sold Separately).

    How To Attach Garmin Portable GPS:

    1. Screw GPS Adapter plate to the Garmin portable power cradle using the 4 included screws and lock nuts.2. Screw Sport Adapter onto GPS Adapter plate using the included screw.

    3. Connect Garmin portable power cradle to the Garmin device.

    4. Attach Garmin device to MYGOFLIGHT Sport Mount (Sold Separately).

    Other Details:

    • AMPs Dimensions: 4.45cm x 5.08cm (1 3/4" x 2")
    • Weight: 71g (2.5 Oz.)
    • Material: Aluminum

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