Nimbus RC Modelglasses

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Nimbus RC Modelglasses
Rapid Eyewear's The world's leading sunglasses exclusively designed and manufactured for RC model flying use. The Modelglasses range has been the market leader since 2005: as used by many of the world's top RC pilots.

Designed by experienced modellers, Model Glasses are an essential RC accessory. Featuring interchangeable lenses, they offer low light and polarised options that improve depth perception, contrast and the definition of clouds and models during flight, whatever the conditions.

Each pair of Modelglasses is supplied with interchangeable lenses, a carry case, a cleaning cloth and a head retainer strap. Additional lens options are also available on each product page.

Nimbus sunglasses have been an integral part of Rapid Eyewear's RC Modelglasses range for several years, and they remain as popular as ever. The choice of many top pilots across the world. They feature interchangeable lenses, including polarised and low light options, that will make Nimbus invaluable whatever the conditions.

The Frames
Nimbus benefit from a lightweight TR90 frame with sprung side arms, rubber nose pads and rubber side arm extensions for comfort fit. The frame has a slight built-in flex that allows for fitting on most sizes and shapes of head. Finished in a hand sprayed matt black finish.

The Lenses
    Nimbus are supplied with the following lenses:
  • Cat 0 light-enhancing, for dull light
  • Cat 2 beige polarised, for fairly bright or changeable conditions
  • Cat 3 polarised grey mirror for sunshine
  • Cat 4 dark, smoked lenses for very bright conditions

All lenses have an anti-scratch coating and precision decentred optics. The lenses filter out blue light to improve contrast and definition in your field of view, thereby helping to determine the distance to, and orientation of, a model.

Additional Frostech Blue Lenses
A pair of attractive Frostech blue mirror lenses is available as an optional extra.

  • Hard carry case, with belt fixing loops and catches
  • Head securing strap
  • Microfibrecleaning cloth.

Conformity and UV
Rapid Eyewear sunglasses conform to ISO 12311 and 12312 standards for sunglasses and protective equipment testing. They offer 100% UVA / UVB (UV400) protection and comply with US Z80.3.

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