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Helicopter to GA adapter (ASE-HEL-GA)
Helicopter to GA adapter
Convert your headset application from helicopter to general aviation with this simple aviation headset adapter.

The Headset Adapter Helicopter to General offers shielded tensile wiring adds flexibility while gold plugs improve signal transfer.

This adapter does not work for military headsets with low impedance (Does not convert impedance). For that application, use the Low to High Impedance Adapter.

42,00€  Inc Tax
GA to Helicopter adapter (ASE-GA-HEL)
GA to Helicopter adapter
This rugged adapter/extension allows you to easily convert your general aviation fixed-wing headset for use in a helicopter.
  • Increase headset versatility
  • Compatible with all general aviation headsets.
Features shielded tensile strength wire and a polyurethane casing.

Weight: 363g
42,00€  Inc Tax
Icom AD-101 Charging Adapter (IC-A6E/24E) (ICOM-AD-101)

Icom AD-101N Charging Adapter (IC-A6E/24E)
Use Icom AD-101 Charging Adapter (IC-A6/24) for perfect fit of Icom transceivers to fast charging stations BC-119N and BC-121N.

For use with IC-A6E and IC-A24E transceivers.
With enclosed adapter batteries can also be charged without transceiver.

24,00€  Inc Tax
Icom OPC-499 Headset Adapter (ICOM-OPC-499)

Icom OPC-499 Headset Adapter
This is the OPC-499 Headset adapter with 3.5 mm PTT (Push To Talk) socket for use with Icom IC-A15, IC-A6E and IC-A24E Transceivers.

Plug your headset directly into your transceiver, for use as a remote radio system in your aircraft.

55,00€  Inc Tax
MGF GoPro®/Garmin Virb Adapter (MNT-1655)

Sport - GoPro ®/Garmin Virb Adapter

Combine the Sport - GoPro® Adapter with any MGF Sport Mount (Sold Seperately) to mount your GoPro® camera in your plane, boat, or anywehre else you desire.

The Sport - GoPro® Adapter is made out of aircraft grade aluminum and works with any GoPro® camera. Capture all of your life moments on your GoPro® using the Sport - GoPro® Adapter.

** NOTE: This is just the cradle. Mounts and GoPro® camera both sold seperately.

** DISCLAIMER: This adapter is not intended for external use. Only use this adapter to mount your camera inside the cockpit. MGF is not responsible for lost or damaged GoPro or Garmin VIRB cameras that were mounted outside.

Mounting your GoPro® with the Sport - GoPro® Adapter and MGF Flex Arms allows you the ability to position your GoPro® camera anywhere you would like. MGF Flex Arms are infinitely adjustable so you can mount your GoPro® camera anywhere and everywhere. Something that you are not able to accomplish with any other mounting system.

Sport - GoPro ®/Garmin Virb Adapter Demonstration

Sport - GoPro® Adapter works with all GoPro® models and all Garmin Virb models

Other Details:
  • Hardware: Locking Screw, Plastic Washers
  • Weight: 57g (2 Oz.)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Adapter Diameter: 3.81cm (1.5")

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56,00€  Inc Tax
MGF GPS Adapter (MNT-1660)

Sport - GPS Adapter
Sport - GPS Adapter is the perfect solution for mounting all Garmin Portable Avionics, as well as any other device that uses the AMPs hole pattern.

The Sport - AMPs Adapter securely connects to all Garmin portables including the aera® 660, aera® 796, aera® 795, aera® 510 GPSMAP® 696, GPSMAP® 695, and more. Once the GPS Adapter is connected to the GPS you can quickly and securely mount the portable avionics using any MGF Sport Mount (Sold Separately).

How To Attach Garmin Portable GPS:

1. Screw GPS Adapter plate to the Garmin portable power cradle using the 4 included screws and lock nuts.2. Screw Sport Adapter onto GPS Adapter plate using the included screw.

3. Connect Garmin portable power cradle to the Garmin device.

4. Attach Garmin device to MYGOFLIGHT Sport Mount (Sold Separately).

Other Details:

  • AMPs Dimensions: 4.45cm x 5.08cm (1 3/4" x 2")
  • Weight: 71g (2.5 Oz.)
  • Material: Aluminum

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56,00€  Inc Tax
Icom OPC-592 Adapter Cable (OPC-592)
Icom OPC-592 adapter Cable
Icom OPC-592 adapter Cable to combine with OPC-478 for following transceivers programming:
  • IC-A110EURO
  • IC-A120EURO
12,00€  Inc Tax
FME (Male) / BNC (Male) adapter (FME-M-BNC-M)

FME male to BNC male adapter



Body feature: nickel-plated brass
Insulation: derlin
Impedance: 50 W
Frequency range: 0 - 3 GHz
Voltage rating: AC 100V
Withstanding voltage: AC 1000V
Contact resistance: 10 mW max.
Insulation resistance: 5000 MW min. @ DC 500V
5,50€  Inc Tax
Icom OPC-2006 (ICOM-OPC-2006)

Icom OPC-2006
Headset Interface Cable, ICOM, Dual HT Plug, Straight, Each

ICOM headset interface cables adapt your headset to your radio. These adapter cables allow you to use your HS-Series single pin headsets with your mobile radios. Headsets let you hear more clearly, so get yours connected properly with ICOM headset interface cables.

OPC-2006 is required when using the HS-94, H95 S-and HS-97 with some transceivers.

15,80€  Inc Tax
Icom OPC-2004 (ICOM-OPC-2004)

Icom OPC-2004
Icom Headset Interface Cables
Headset Interface Cable, ICOM, Dual HT Plug, Right Angle, Each

Icom headset interface cables adapt your headset to your radio. These adapter cables allow you to use your HS-Series single pin headsets with your mobile radios. Headsets let you hear more clearly, so get yours connected properly with Icom headset interface cables.

OPC-2004 is required when using the HS-94, HS-95 and HS-97 with some transceivers.

24,10€  Inc Tax
Icom HS-94 (ICOM-HS-94)
Icom headset HS-94 - Earhook type with boom microphone:
  • Features Hands-free operation. Requires VS-1/1L/1SL VOX unit for use.
  • Reversible earpiece lets you wear the headset over either ear.
  • Ear hook wraps behind the ear for a snug fit.
  • Flexible gooseneck microphone booms lets you adjust the microphone's position so the other station hear you more clearly.
  • O Lapel clip lets you securely clip the headset's cord to your clothing.

Allows you hands-free operation. This headset is designed for combination together with the optional VS-1 PTT/VOX unit.

The HS-94 headset provides portable, convenient communication that lets you keep your hands free while operating in the field, etc. The headset connects easily to VS-1 PTT/VOX unit.

For Transceivers:

14,50€  Inc Tax
Icom HS-97 (ICOM-HS-97)

Icom headset HS-97 - Throat microphone type

  • Hands-free operation. Requires VS-1/1L/1SL VOX unit for use.
  • Compact construction with an inconspicuous mic design (For discreet use without noticeable protrusions)
  • High sensitivity microphone for clear audio in noisy environments.

For Transceivers:

14,50€  Inc Tax
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