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Round edge tie bar (TIE-BAR)
Round edge tie bar
18,50€  Inc Tax
Straight edge tie pin (OLINO-TIE-BAR)
Gold tie pin
18,30€  Inc Tax
Edge Pilot Sunglasses (RAP7X)
Edge Pilot Sunglasses for men and women

With their modern styling, unique specifications and conformity to CAA recommendations, the UV400 Edge Pilot Sunglasses for Men & Women further enhance Rapid Eyewear's classic 'Mile High' range. Grey category 3 lenses can be swapped with two further options to cover all light conditions.

The Frames
Made from an ultra tough TR90 material, Edge are lightweight and very comfortable. A unique feature are the ratcheted side arms, which can be micro adjusted up or down to make the sunglasses sit perfectly on your head. Further adjustments can be made by altering the width of the nose clip, making for a bespoke fit all round. The flat side arms fit easily under a headset.< br/>

The frames feature a wrap-around shape, which prevents the intrusion of unwanted wind and light from the peripheries of your vision.

Edge are available in three attractive colours: matt black, blue and red.

The Lenses
Three sets of lenses are supplied as standard. They are:

  • Category 0 yellow, for low light conditions. An AR coating on the rear surface reduces the glare of lights when used at night
  • Category 2, brown, for average or changeable light conditions
  • Category 3 grey mirror, for regular or bright sunshine

All lenses are decentred and anti-scratch coated. They are not polarised, and comply with all other CAA recommendations. Small vents on the lower part of the lens allows it to 'breathe', helping prevent mist patches forming in hot conditions.

The Package
Edge MH are supplied with a carry case, retainer strap and microfibre cleaning cloth as standard.

All Rapid Eyewear sunglasses comply with ISO 12312 and US Z80.3 regulations. As such, they offer 100% UVA / UVB (UV400) protection. They also comply with all Civil Aviation Authority recommendations for pilot sunglasses.

Additional Lenses
The extra lenses are available for the Edge frame.

64,00€  Inc Tax
Edge RC Modelglasses (RAP6X)
Edge RC Modelglasses
Rapid Eyewear's The world's leading sunglasses exclusively designed and manufactured for RC model flying use. The Modelglasses range has been the market leader since 2005: as used by many of the world's top RC pilots.

Designed by experienced modellers, Model Glasses are an essential RC accessory. Featuring interchangeable lenses, they offer low light and polarised options that improve depth perception, contrast and the definition of clouds and models during flight, whatever the conditions.

Each pair of Modelglasses is supplied with interchangeable lenses, a carry case, a cleaning cloth and a head retainer strap. Additional lens options are also available on each product page.

Edge sunglasses for RC have innovative side arms that can be rotated up and down on a ratchet system, to ensure a perfect fit on your head. With an adjustable nose clip, attractive vented blue or red Frostech mirror lenses and a stylish new look, Edge Modelglasses are ideal for flying RC model aircraft.

The Frames
Made from polycarbonate and finished in an attractive matt black, light blue or red, the Edge frame is so comfortable and light that you will probably forget you’re wearing them. Side arm rubber extensions, an adjustable nose clip and the rotating side arms allow for a bespoke fit for your needs.

The Lenses
    The sets of UV400 interchangeable lenses are supplied, as follows:
  • Category 0, for use in low light conditions. An AR coating on the rear removes spurious reflections from lights
  • Category 2, beige, polarised. A good all-round lens for changeable or hazy conditions*
  • Category 3, blue or red Frostech with a flash mirror coating for sunny conditions
  • Category 4, dark smoked for very bright conditions (please note this lens set cannot be used for driving).

* Polarised lenses filter horizontal light that bounces off flat surfaces to cause glare. Please note you may not be able to read a transmitter display whilst using polarized lenses.

All lenses feature cut-outs that help air to flow across the rear surfaces, thereby reducing fogging. They are decentred, and have anti-scratch coatings applied.

The Package
Edge are supplied with a carry case, microfibre cleaning cloth and retainer strap as standard.

Edge comply with ISO 12312 and US Z80.3 standards. They offer 100% UVA / UVB (UV400) protection.

Additional Lenses
The extra lenses are available.

68,00€  Inc Tax
Edge Matt Black Frame (RAPF23)
Edge Matt Black Frame
A replacement or spare matt black frame for all Edge sunglasses packages.

24,00€  Inc Tax
Edge Blue Frame (RAPF25)
Edge Blue Frame
A replacement or spare blue frame for all Edge sunglasses packages.

24,00€  Inc Tax
Edge Red Frame (RAPF24)
Edge Red Frame
A replacement or spare red frame for all Edge sunglasses packages.

24,00€  Inc Tax
Edge Cat 3 Frostech Blue (RAPL064)
Edge Cat 3 Frostech Blue Lenses
A blue mirror lens set that looks attractive, and packs a punch in terms of specifications. The Frostech lenses feature a mirror coating that provides an anti-glare capability, and vent cut-outs that allow your eyebrows to breathe, thereby preventing fogging and sweat patches from forming on the rear surfaces.

The Category 3 light treatment of the Frostech lens means it is perfect for use in normal, sunny conditions. It offers 100% UVA / UVB protection, and has an anti-scratch coating.

The Frostech lens set is ideal for general sports and leisure use. The vented lenses make this set especially good for skiing, climbing, driving, running, tennis and cricket.

A replacement or spare category 3 Blue Frostech lens set for all Edge sunglasses packages. These lenses can also be purchased as an extra pair for Edge Black and Edge Red packages (which have the red Frostech lenses as standard).

13,01€  Inc Tax
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