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Slušalke AirClassics HS-1A (ASA-HS-1A)

Slušalke AirClassics HS-1A

Flex Boom Mic!

Communicate with advanced technology, maximum comfort, sleek look, and a Lifetime Warranty — all for a reasonable price!

Now with New Flex Boom Microphone!

Good communications are essential for a successful flight. ASA provides this in the HS-1A with the most advanced technology, maximum comfort, high-quality components, and sleek look — all for a reasonable price!

Designed, engineered, and manufactured by experts in the headset business, ASA is so confident in the quality, the HS-1A is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the original owner.

Protect your hearing, don’t miss any radio calls, and be certain your transmissions are heard with this feature-rich, value-priced headset.

HS-1A Features

  • Earcups of high-density acoustic foam for best passive noise attenuation
  • Has noise reduction rating (NRR) 23 dB
  • High fidelity speakers for clear, natural sound
  • Electret, noise-canceling flex-boom microphone reduces background noise and allows clearest voice transmission
  • Gold-plated microphone and headphone plugs ensure best connection and resist corrosion
  • High-grade, multi-strand wire improves cable life
  • Stereo/mono capability
  • Large, dual controls for quick, easy volume adjustment of each ear
  • Microphone muff
  • Adjustable headband with easy thumb screws eliminates "hot spots" and accommodates eyeglasses and any head size
  • Quality foam ear seals and light weight add to overall comfort
  • Sleek, all-black design with ASA silver wings tastefully silk-screened on each earcup
  • Sturdy and reliable — yet reasonably priced for maximum value
  • Lifetime warranty
239,90€  DDV vključen v ceno
Otroške slušalke AvComm AC-260 PNR (AC-260)

Otroške slušalke AvComm AC-260 PNR (Ipod/MP3)

FREE Headset Bag FREE Mic Muff

The AvComm AC-260 PNR™ with Avcomm's exclusive patented PNR™ (passive noise reduction) technology features a unique head band and wire boom made exclusively for children or adults with head sizes 53 cm or less.

Adjust it small enough for a young child or expand it easily to fit smaller adults, or even add an optional full-size head band and ear seals for a full-size headset.

All Avcomm standard features are included, however the AC-260 headset is supplied with smaller ear seals for a closer fit and affords excellent noise attenuation to pro-tect sensitive ears. Also features a larger volume knob for easy use by children. Weighs only 428g (14.2 oz).

  • AvComm exclusive patented PNR™ audio technology
  • Built in stereo IPOD/MP3 port
  • Sized for petite adults and children
  • Converts to full size, so it will "grow! with your kid
  • 5-way adjustable wire boom lets you position the mic for comfort and clear transmission
  • Full five-year factory warranty
  • 428g for a very light feel on your child's head.


Speaker Microphone

Impedance: 150 ohms/mono
Impedance: 300 ohms/stereo
Frequency range: 200-6 kHz
Sensitivity: 101 dB
Volume control attenuation: 15 dB

Wire spring boom type
Frequency response: 300-8 kHz
Mic resistance: 220-2200 ohms
Electret Noise Canceling Mic

Mechanical Technical

Tensile reinforced copper wiring
Straight shielded cord 1,5 m
Polyurethane insulation (UV safe)
Gold plated mic plug: 5.23 mm
Gold plated speaker plug: 6.35 mm

NRR: 24 dB
Stainless steel frame
Domes: ABS high impact plastic
Weight: 428 g

191,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
Naglavni lok za slušalke (DC15093P-01)

Naglavni lok (vzmet) za slušalke, David Clark

30,50€  DDV vključen v ceno
Asa naglavna blazinica (ASA-HS-1-PAD)

ASA naglavna blazinica za slušalke
Asa naglavne blazinice za slušalke so mehke, podložene, zunanji del je iz mikrovlaken.

Za ASA slušalke, kakor tudi za večino ostalih modelov. Prilega se jeklenim naglavnim obročim, dimenzije do širine 1.59cm (5/8"), z manjšo modifikacijo pa tudi nekoliko širšim.

Priložena navodila za montažo.

24,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
Asa gel blazinice (ASA-HS-1-GEL)

ASA gel blazinice za slušalke
These gel-filled earseals are a great way to add new life to your headsets:

  • The ultimate in comfort and fit
  • Fits most major brands of headsets (Asa HS-1A, David Clark H10-13.4, H10-13S,..)

Replace worn-out or uncomfortable earseals and enjoy increased comfort, improved noise protection, and better communications. The properties of the inner gel material allow it to flow naturally, distribute pressure evenly, and conform to head and facial contours. The result is absolutely the finest fit available.

NOTE: Does not include headset

Weight: 320 g

31,50€  DDV vključen v ceno
DC gel blazinice (DC40243G-02)
David Clark Undercut gel blazinice

Gel-filled ear seals mold to the sides of the head for a perfect seal with each use.

Extremely comfortable and comes with a 7-year guarantee.
42,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
Zaščitne prevleke za slušalke (D4P-1106)

Zaščita za slušalke
Zaščita za blazinice slušalk je narejena iz mehke naravne merino volne.

Zaradi antibakterijskih in termoregulacijskih lastnosti je ta material zelo udoben za nošenje. Idealno za vsakodnevno uporabo. Pralno v pralnem stroju.

Primerne za večino slušalk, ki imajo večje blazinice (BOSE, David Clark, Lightspeed, Sennheiser, ipd.).

Barva: črna

14,10€  DDV vključen v ceno
Zulu nadomestne blazinice (A490)

Zulu Series / Sierra / Tango / PFX Performance Ear Seals (pair)
Performance Ear Seals fit all current Lightspeed headset models (Zulu Series, Sierra, Tango and PFX) and are designed to hug the curve of the jaw, creating a more natural fit that increases your comfort and stability.

45,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
Gobica za mikrofon (ASA-HS-1-MU)
Gobica za mikrofon
The Microphone Muff is the easiest and most effective way to protect your headset microphone and improve transmission clarity.
  • Made of acoustically transparent Sonic FoamTM
  • Protects against moisture, dirt, and debris
  • Helps eliminate excess wind and background noise

Hypo-allergenic and washable for years of trouble-free use! Simply pull the Microphone Muff over your headset mic and secure with included O-ring.

Note: Does not include headset
7,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
Naglavna blazinica (D4P-1108)

Blazinica je sestavljena iz spominske pene, prekrite z mehko, naravno merino volno z elastičnimi trakovi za pritrditev.

Zaradi antibakterijskih in termoregulacijskih lastnosti je material zelo udoben za nošenje.

Primerne za večino slušalk, kot so BOSE, David Clark, Lightspeed, Sennheiser, AGK, ...

Barva: črna

18,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
GA Headset PTT Switch (HD-103)
GA Headset PTT Switch
Control your transmission with the PTT (Push To Talk) switch made for headsets with GA plugs.

Plug your headset's microphone connector directly into this adapter and connect it to the aircraft microphone plug.
24,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
Asa Push To Talk Switch (ASA-PTT-1A)

Asa Push To Talk Switch
A portable push-to-talk switch (PTT) for use with any general aviation headset, intercom, and radio.

Good communications are essential to a successful flight. This convenient switch mounts to the yoke with a velcro strap, allowing pilots to use their thumb to push the button and communicate with ATC, Unicom, or other aircraft.

This eliminates the distraction of picking up the microphone, for hands-free communication that keeps pilots focused on flying the aircraft. Particularly useful for rental aircraft, which typically might not have push-to-talk switches installed.

    Features include:
    • low-profile ergonomic button,
    • superior contact switch,
    • heavy-duty gold-plated plugs and jack,
    • durable, shield coiled cord,
    • hook and loop mounting strap,
    • plugs into aircraft radio or intercom,
    • molded strain relief.

    0.41 kg

    32,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
    Zaščita za naglavno blazinico (D4P-1107)

    PILOT zaščita za slušalke
    Elastična zaščita za naglavno blazinico je izdelana iz mehke naravne merino volne. Zaradi antibakterijskih in termoregulacijskih lastnosti je ta material zelo udoben za nošenje.

    Zaščita je idealno za vsakodnevno uporabo. Pralna v pralnem stroju.

    Primerna je za večino slušalke, kot so BOSE, David Clark, Lightspeed, Sennheiser, AKG.

    Barva: črna

    14,10€  DDV vključen v ceno
    David Clark adapter za slušalke (GA na helikopter) (18253G-06)
    David Clark adapter za slušalke (GA na helikopter)
    Converts PJ-068 & PJ-055 general aviation fixed wing plugs to U-174/U helicopter plug. General Aviation Applications only.
    136,03€  DDV vključen v ceno
    Pretvornik za slušalke (Helikopter na GA) (ASE-HEL-GA)
    Pretvornik za slušalke (helikopter na GA)
    Convert your headset application from helicopter to general aviation with this simple aviation headset adapter.

    The Headset Adapter Helicopter to General offers shielded tensile wiring adds flexibility while gold plugs improve signal transfer.

    This adapter does not work for military headsets with low impedance (Does not convert impedance). For that application, use the Low to High Impedance Adapter.

    42,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
    Pretvornik za slušalke (GA na helikopter) (ASA-HS-HEL-ADPT)
    Pretvornik za slušalke (GA na helikopter)
    This rugged adapter/extension allows you to easily convert your general aviation fixed-wing headset for use in a helicopter.
    • Increase headset versatility
    • Compatible with all general aviation headsets.
    Features shielded tensile strength wire and a polyurethane casing.

    Weight: 363g
    58,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
    Headset matching unit (HMU-1)
    Adams headset matching unit HMU-1
    This adaptor has been designed to overcome the problems of incompatibility between aviation headsets of different makes and models when used in the same aircraft. The HMU-1 is supplied ready to use with a 9V battery to provide an independent drive voltage to the GA headset electret microphone.
    59,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
    Higienska zaščita za mikrofon, manjša (100x) (HS-MICCVR)
    Sanitary Disposable Microphone Covers, White, Small
    • Small size microphone covers
    • The mic covers are individually hand-sewn and sold in bags of 100 pieces
    • Easy installation is like sliding a sleeve onto most headset microphones
    • Length 38.1mm (1.5-inches).
    • Diameter 19mm (3/4-inch).
    • Fits easily over most headset microphones.
    35,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
    Higienska zaščita za mikrofon, večja (100x) (HS-LGMICCVR)
    Sanitary Disposable Microphone Covers, White, Large
    • Large size microphone covers
    • The covers come in sealed bags with 100 microphone covers in each bag.
    • Sanitary microphone covers easily fit onto headset microphones, and slip right over the foam windscreen.
    • These disposable covers provide a protective barrier to limit coughs, sneezes and spittle from landing on an exposed microphone.
    • Each users should put on a fresh new microphone covere before using a shared headset.
    • The materials used to make these covers is spun-bond polypropylene, which is the same material used in making wet wipes, face masks and surgical clothing.
    • The spun-bond polypropylene is hypo-allergenic and it is latex free.
    • The microphone and earpiece covers should be in use on all shared headsets to limit the spread of airborne droplets that can settle on the headset.
    • Length 50mm (2-inches).
    • Diameter 32mm (1.25-inch).
    • The cover slides over headset microphones and is held in place by provided rubber band.
    • Fits easily over most pilot headset microphones (i.e. David Clark).
    42,90€  DDV vključen v ceno
    Pretvornik za slušalke (GA na Airbus) (60074-122)
    Pretvornik slušalk (Jack PA-81) - za Airbus iz GA
    Telex General Aviation to Airbus Headset Adapter allows an easy transition between your GA aircraft and an Airbus. Use the 60074-122 as an adapter between single XLR-5-12C to PJ-068 jacks.

    Convert your General Aviation jack into a single Airbus five-pin headset plug. This adapters allows you to use your conventional General Aviation headset in an Airbus ( 5 pin XLR Plug) Aircraft.

    The XLR5 Connector works on: Airbus aircraft and some of the newer non twin plug Boeings.

    Weight: 75g
    79,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
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