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Icom IC-F27SR PMR446 (ICOM-F27SR)

Icom IC-F27SR PMR446
ICOM IC-F27SR 8CH Professional PMR446 FM Transceiver

As the successor of the IC-F25SR, the IC-F27SR retains the “simple to use” philosophy with the nonkeypad and non-LCD appearance which can be used with little or no training.

The IC-F27SR provides 800mW (typical) loud and intelligible audio, built-in VOX functions and longer operating time.

  • Licence-free communications
  • Simple operation for instant communication
  • 285 gr. lightweight and compact body (with BP-265 battery pack)
  • 35.5 hours of operating time with BP-265 Li-Ion battery pack
  • Internal VOX function (Optional headset and adapter cable required)
  • IP54 and MIL-STD-810 ruggedness
  • Same options as "IC-F3002/F4002" series handhelds are available
  • CTCSS and DTCS tone squelch for group call

High Performance, Professional Licence Free Radio.
Outstanding audio quality, high performance and commercial build make the IC-F27SR the ideal licence free radio. This licence free radio is ideal for users in diverse areas such as construction, catering, event management, shopping centres, factories, farms as well as serious outdoor enthusiasts. It has durable and reliable construction to withstand serious usage for a long time.

Up to 35.5 hours of operating time
The IC-F27SR features highly efficient circuitry, providing up to a massive 35.5 hours of operating time* with the supplied BP-265 2000mAh lithium-ion battery pack. This means it can be comfortably last an entire shift.

* Tx: Rx: Stand-by =5: 5: 90 with power save ON. 24.8 hours with BP-264

Outstanding audio quality
800mW audio output is provided from the large 45mm speaker meaning the IC-F27SR can deliver loud and intelligible audio even in extremely noisy environments such as a busy shop floor or construction site.

Just three main controls
Transmit button, volume control and channel selector. This simple to use radio is ideal for high turnover environments and shift work where the radio is constantly passed from person to person.

Lightweight, Compact Body
Easily fits into your shirt pocket. 58 x 186* x 36.5 mm (*Includes antenna) compact dimensions and 285 g.(Includes BP-265). Small size and lightweight (285g) makes this transceiver ideal for all users.

Non-slip, large PTT
The large PTT button is designed to provide non-slip, confident-click, even when wearing gloves.

Commercial grade construction
The IC-F27SR is extremely rugged. It has been tested to 11 categories of environmental military standards for dust protection and water resistance making it ideally suited for outdoor use.

Internal VOX for Hands-free operation
Built-in VOX function provides convenient hands-free operation, when used with our optional headset adapter cable.

500mW output power
The IC-F27SR delivers 500mW (ERP) output power and provides up to 3km* (approx.) coverage. * Depending on the operating environment, weather conditions, etc.

Rotary channel selector
It has a 16-position rotary selector with pre-programmed memory channels (8+8). CTCSS (or DTCS) group code can be programmed by yourself.

Bright 3-color LED
The bright LED shows the operating status: red for transmit, green for listening, or orange for low battery, etc.


Power / volume knob

Upper / lower buttons
Two key functions can be programmed by yourself cloning software. Programmable items are Scan, Priority, Memory, Key lock, Surveillance and Siren functions.

Hands-free operation
Built-in VOX function provides convenient hands-free operation, when used with optional headset with plug adapter cable OPC-2004.

MIL-STD rugged construction
The radio is tested to IP54 and 11 categories of MIL-STD 810 F environmental tests.

Other features
  • Surveillance function turns off the LED and beep sound
  • Siren function can be used for security alarm
  • Power save function
  • Low battery alert
  • Time-out- timer function
  • Monitor function
  • TX Channel and talk back functions for quick response while scanning
  • Radio-to-radio quick cloning capability

Supplied Accessories

*Tx: Rx: Stand-by=5:5:90. Power save function ON.


Frequency coverage: 446.00625 ~ 446.09375 MHz
Mode: FM (8K50F3E)
Antenna impedance: 50 Ohm
Power supply: 7.2VDC
Current drain: TX: 400 mA
RX: 330 mA (AF max.)
70 mA (stand-by)
Frequency stability: ±2.5ppm
Operating temperature range: -25° to +55°C
Dimensions (WxHxD): 58 x 186 x 36.5 mm
Weight: 285 gr.
Output power: 500 mW ERP
Maximum deviation: ±2.5kHz
Spurious emissions: 0.25µW
Adjacent Ch. power: -60 dB
Ext. mic. connector: 3-conductor 2.5(d)mm/2.2 kOhm
Receiver system: double conversion superheterodyne
Sensitivity: 26.5 dBµV/m emf (at 20dB SINAD)
Squelch Sensitivity: 26.5 dBµV/m
Adjacent Ch. selectivity: 81.29 dBµV/m
Spurious response: 91.29 dBµV/m
Intermodulation rejection ratio: 86.29 dBµV/m
Audio output power:
(at 5% distortion)
Internal Speaker
800mW (typical) with a 12 Ohm load
External Speaker
400mW (typical) with an 8 Ohm load



185,00€  Inc Tax
Icom OPC-2004 (ICOM-OPC-2004)

Icom OPC-2004
Icom Headset Interface Cables
Headset Interface Cable, ICOM, Dual HT Plug, Right Angle, Each

Icom headset interface cables adapt your headset to your radio. These adapter cables allow you to use your HS-Series single pin headsets with your mobile radios. Headsets let you hear more clearly, so get yours connected properly with Icom headset interface cables.

OPC-2004 is required when using the HS-94, HS-95 and HS-97 with some transceivers.

24,10€  Inc Tax
Icom HS-97 (ICOM-HS-97)

Icom headset HS-97 - Throat microphone type

  • Hands-free operation. Requires VS-1/1L/1SL VOX unit for use.
  • Compact construction with an inconspicuous mic design (For discreet use without noticeable protrusions)
  • High sensitivity microphone for clear audio in noisy environments.

    For Transceivers:

    14,50€  Inc Tax
    Icom BP-263 Battery Case (IC-F27SR) (ICOM-BP-263)

    Icom BP-263 Battery Case
    Icom BP-263 Battery Case (6x Alkaline AA/LR6 batteries) for use with Transcievers.

      For Transceivers:
    • IC-F27SR
    • IC-V80E
    • IC-T70E
    • IC-F3002
    • IC-F4002
    • IC-F3102D
    • IC-F4102D

    *Radio and Batteries are not included!

    21,00€  Inc Tax
    Icom BP-265N Li-Ion (IC-F27SR) (ICOM-BP-265)

    Icom BP-265 Li-Ion Battery Pack for Transceivers

    • Voltage: 7.2 V
    • Max. current: 1900 mA (min) - 2000mA (Typ.) - 15Wh

    For Transceivers:

    • IC-F27SR
    • IC-V80E
    • IC-T70E
    • IC-F3002
    • IC-F4002
    • IC-F3102D
    • IC-F4102D

    Radio is not included.
    47,60€  Inc Tax
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