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Disposable Covers for Large Microphones (2x) (HYCOV-MIC-X)
Sanitary Disposable Covers for Large Microphones (2pcs)
  • The medium size headphone covers are also very well suited for large microphones.
  • Fits Mikes 1 to 2 inches in Diameter.
Colors: white, black

  • Can be used on most all types of desktop microphones, podium mikes and broadcast microphones to protect the surfaces from spittle and spray of the droplets that might otherwise land directly on the microphones.
  • They are easily installed and removed, because the have a stretchable opening that will expand to allow them to surround your microphone and pull downward.
  • They are also available in black color as our SS-4B-100 disposable covers.
  • Helps to keep your microphones free of harmful bacteria, germs, flu and Coronavirus using a disposable cover that can be removed and responibly discarded.
  • Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this web page where you can download the literature on the Medium Microphone Covers.
  • Commonly used where many different users will be publicly speaking into common microphones.
  • These covers are most frequently purchased by those who are concerned about public safety in churches, schools, courtrooms, legal procedings, public hearings, universities, hospitals and clinics around the world.
  • These covers have latex-free elastic that is safe to use, and it is made from the same materials that is often used to make surgical masks and hospital protective clothing.
  • Each bag contains 100 individual stretchable microphone covers per bag.
  • The material is comfortable to the touch, does not itch or cause any added pressure against the skin
  • Maintains cleanliness of microphones while limiting the spread of germs between many different users
  • These disposable sanitary stretch fabric covers may be easily replaced each time the headphones are used.
  • Works well as a clean room dust cover for small items - stretching from 2 to 3 1/2 inches in size.
  • Can be used as camera lens covers, smoke detector or petri dish covers.
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    Hearing Protection Headset HD-10 (HD-10)

    Hearing Protection Headset HD-10
    Hearing protectors can be recommended for protection against the harmful effects of impulsive noise. The noise reduction rating (NRR) is based on attenuation of continous noise.

    The noise level (dB) to which you are exposed while wearing a hearing protector can be estimated by subtracting the NRR from the measured work place noise level.

    Lafayette HD-10 Hearing Protection Headset attenuation characteristics:

    Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
    Attenuation (dB) 10 30 36 45 41 34 31

    Technical Data Sheet:
    57,90€  Inc Tax
    Icom HS-97 (ICOM-HS-97)

    Icom headset HS-97 - Throat microphone type

    • Hands-free operation. Requires VS-1/1L/1SL VOX unit for use.
    • Compact construction with an inconspicuous mic design (For discreet use without noticeable protrusions)
    • High sensitivity microphone for clear audio in noisy environments.

      For Transceivers:

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