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ASA Yoke Clip (ASA-YC-1)
ASA Yoke Clip
Holds all the necessary flight paperwork right where pilots need it, leaving their hands free to fly. Simple to install, the black plastic, i-beam construction is strong enough to serve as a pilot's third hand.

The clip is higher than other yoke clips, holding sectionals, approach plates, flight logs, checklists, flight computers, and pens in easy view. The unique, over-centering cam easily adjusts to fit all general aviation aircraft yokes without modification.

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Flex Yoke - Universal iPad/Tablet Mount Kit (UMK-1820)

Flex Yoke - Universal iPad/Tablet Mount Kit

The Sport Mount - Flex Yoke - an INFINITELY articulating and adjustable arm. There is no other yoke/clamp mount for a iPad/Tablet that does all that this unit does in a single, light-weight, easy to configure mount.

The Sport Mount - Flex Yoke is for pilots who want to mount their iPad/Tablet on a yoke, rail, or support strut.

This is a perfect mounting solution for yoke shafts with a diameter up to 3.81cm (1.5").

Sport Mount - Compact Suction can be installed by any pilot in any aircraft.

Compact Suction can be installed onto any window or smooth surface with no tools.

Rotate iPad/Device between landscape and portrait positions in-flight when mounted.

Ball and Socket ends a ratcheting center provide infinite adjustment to heigh and position.

Flex Yoke Demonstration

The Sport Mount - Flex Yoke construction:
  • The arm is comprised of three independent joints, all adjustable and lockable from a single, centrally located, control knob.
  • The control knob joint is adjustable to 360° and the two end joints are mini-ball heads that are adjustable to 105°. The yoke clamp has a quick release toggle clasp.
  • Fits yoke shafts from 5/8" to a maximum of 1 1/2" The control knob allows partial loosening for safe and precise iPad/Tablet positioning.
  • The control knob allows partial loosening for safe and precise device positioning.
  • No longer limited to fixed length, limited rotation RAM arms.
  • Takes all of the guess work out of mount size selection and problems of imprecise positioning.

To position:
  • Position and lock the yoke clamp. Tighten the control knob on the flex arms.
  • Attach the Universal Device Cradle to the Sport Adapter.
  • Loosen the control knob, position the device.
  • Tighten the yoke clamp.
  • Fine tune device positioning, tighten control knob.

Included components:
  • Flex Yoke Base
  • Generation 3 Sport Adapter
  • Sport - Universal Cradle (Please Select Cradle Version)

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