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Torbica za dokumente, manjša, črna (D4P-1042)

Torbica za dokumente, manjša (črna)
Everything can be perfectly and very securely stowed in this padded nylon document wallet.

The interior has two elastic pen holders and three compartments, one of which is zipped. In addition there are two more business card pockets.


Size (W x H):
24 cm x 16 cm

Opomba: ne ustreza velikosti Dnevnika pilota motornega/jadralnega letala (izdajatelja SI CAA)

16,50€  DDV vključen v ceno
Piccolo PROFI Kneeboard (D4P-1025)

Piccolo PROFI Kneeboard
The PICCOLO PROFI in DIN A-6 format is made from eco-friendly leather and has the same features as the kneeboard Pilot PROFI.
For those who are short of space in the cockpit but do not want to miss out on all the features of the PROFI, this is the perfect kneeboard. Despite its size it also includes the PILOT CONTROLLER KIT® socket adapted from the “Pilot PROFI”. Included: 5x transparent pockets.

Ideal for reduced-size approach charts.

Pen, controller kit and charts not included!

14 cm x 18.5 cm x 1.5 cm

22,50€  DDV vključen v ceno
PROFI Kneeboard A5 (D4P-1023)

PROFI Kneeboard
This elegant and very high quality A5 kneeboard is made from eco-friendly leather, with a wide Velcro strap with anti-sliding bars for stability, holding clip, two elastic penholders and socket for a stop watch from the PILOT CONTROLLER® KIT.

The “Profi” kneeboard has a ring mechanism on the right – with standard A5 width – to organize your IFR approach plates while keeping a free hand while flying.

Inside are 6 transparent pockets for approach charts, checklists, a pocket for maps and a business card pocket

Pen, controller kit and charts not included!

18.5 cm x 25.5 cm x 2 cm

32,50€  DDV vključen v ceno
PICCOLO Kneeboard (D4P-1026)
Piccolo Kneeboard
For those who are short of space in the cockpit, but still don’t want to do without a good kneeboard, this is for you.

Despite its size our smallest kneeboard has all the features as its bigger brother. From the wide Velcro tape fixing, anti-sliding bars through to the stable holding clip and socket for a stop watch from the PILOT CONTROLLER® KIT.

Whether you are glider, helicopter or a light aircraft pilot, you can make good use of this “Piccolo”.

Also useful for fixing PDAs and GPS.

Pen, controller kit and charts not included!

11 cm x 18.5 cm
13,90€  DDV vključen v ceno
Pulzni oksimeter (D4P-1074)

Finger Pulse Oximeter
This Finger Pulse Oximeter was specifically designed according to the pilot’s requirements.

As every person’s body is different, it is therefore important that during flights above 8.000 ft the pilot’s blood oxygen saturation level is measured, in order to avoid any impairment through oxygen deficiency. Furthermore, you can read your pulse at any time.

The PILOT FPO is solely to be used for information and monitoring purposes and is no substitution for compulsory oxygen supply needed by law when flying at high altitude.

    Further advantages are:
  • Anti scratching bright and easy to read OLED colour display
  • Battery indication – up to 30h with 2 AAA batteries
  • Low weight ca. 55g incl. Batteries
  • Automatic power off after 8 sec. if not in use
  • Adjustable brightness and 6 display modes
  • Perfusions Index
    Also included:
  • Protecting cover made of nylon
  • Lanyard
  • Manual in D, E, F, ESP and I
60,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
Toaletna torbica PILOT (D4P-1028)

Toaletna torbica PILOTToaletna torbica PILOT z razdelki in elastičnimi trakovi poskrbi za urejenost in preglednost, kljuka pa omogoča, da razprto lahko obesimo in tako prihranimo prostor. Narejenega je iz vodoodpornega najlona, z ojačanimi robovi.

Na zadnji strani ima dodaten predal ter prostor za identifikacijsko kartico.

Barva: črna

Velikost (D x V): 25 cm x 23 cm

23,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
Pilotski telovnik Air Crew - odsevni (D4P-1093)
P.W. Air Crew odsevni jopič
Pilot high visibility waistcoat in EN471 standard with velcro fastener, 2 reflective band and 2 reflective print logo.

Available in sizes M/L, XL/XXL
Colour: orange with reflecting print

8,10€  DDV vključen v ceno
i-Pilot Tablet (D4P-1088)
This elegant,high-quality kneeboard is made of eco-friendly leather and features a wide Velcro strap, holding clip, two elastic penholders and a metal fixture for our PILOT CONTROLLER® KIT. In addition to the strap the anti-slip pads provide very good stability.

Suitable for most of the current tablets (9”-10,5”)

Inside the kneeboard is covered with a soft microfibre to protect your gadget and it also features a pocket for business cards. Furthermore, the new contact strips ensure a better heat dissipation and optimal air circulation and the tablet is secured with a velcro fastener to prevent it from dropping out.

Dimensions (W x H x D):
19 cm x 26 cm x 2 cm
50,90€  DDV vključen v ceno
Torbica za dokumente, večja, črna (D4P-1031)

Torbica za dokumente, večja (črna ali modra)
Everything can be perfectly and safely stowed in this padded nylon document wallet.

Inside are two elastic pen holders and three compartments, one of which is zipped.

black, blue

W x H: 31 x 21cm

19,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
Mapa za VFR karte (D4P-1081)
The Chart Organizer
The Chart Organizer is made of a high quality, durable nylon.
With its sophisticated layout and innovative folding and closure system, it provides the most efficient storage for aeronautical charts.

For that to be available:
  •     6 pockets for VFR ot IFR charts
  •     3 pockets for credit, fuel, or insurance cards
  •     1 business card holder
  •     1 pen holder
  •     1 transparent pocket for licences, medicals, etc.
  •     1 pocket for CDs or similar

Dimension (H x W x D):
28 x 17 x 3cm

Color: black
23,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
Darilni set Ovitek za licence EASA (D4P-1102)

Licence EASA cover
This elegant PILOT EASA LICENSE COVER is made of high quality eco-friendly leather with silver metal wing on the outside.

Inside there are six plastic pockets for pilot license, medical, …

Three further pockets for credit cards, one for a business card, another one for paper and the embossed PILOT® logo.

W x H: EASA license
13.5 x 10 x 1 cm

25,90€  DDV vključen v ceno
Darilni set DENARNICA (D4P-1079)
Pilot Wallet Set
This elegant PILOT WALLET SET is made of high quality eco-friendly leather.

This set consists of:
  • one wallet with 2 pockets for bank notes and a silver metal wing on the outside, a pocket for small change with an embossed PILOT® Logo, six pockets for credit cards and one for an ID-card
  • one key case for six keys with a metal wing on the outside and embossed PILOT® Logo Inside
  • one high quality pen with standard pen refill

Colour: black with silver wings

Wallet: 10 x 8,5 x 2cm
Key case: 10 x 6 x 2cm
54,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
Darilni set denarnica za kreditne kartice (D4P-1099)
Pilot Card Holder
This elegant PILOT CARD HOLDER is made of high quality eco-friendly leather.

A stainless steel money clip is on the front site and below a silver metal wing and an embossed PILOT®-Logo on the back.

Inside six pockets for credit cards and one for a business card.

The quick access-openings you recognize immediately the right card and this allows you to handle it simple and convenient.

Delivery in a black gift box with silver printing.

Color: black with silver wings

10,5 x 6,7 x 1,2 cm
27,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
Srebrna krilca 5cm (D4P-1085)
Srebrna krilca
Design4Pilots elegantna srebrna krilca so idelano darilo.

Dimenzija (širina)
: 5cm
10,50€  DDV vključen v ceno
ROOKIE Kneeboard (D4P-1024)
ROOKIE Kneeboard
This elegant and high quality A5 kneeboard is made from eco-friendly leather. It also gives you a wide Velcro strap with anti-sliding bars for stability, holding clip and elastic penholders and socket for a stop watch from the PILOT CONTROLLER KIT®.

On the back there is also a place for a spare pen.

The Rookie is the perfect kneeboard for a student and offers good value for money.

Pen, controller kit and charts not included!

Dimensions (W x H) x D:
16 cm x 23 cm x 1.5 cm
17,90€  DDV vključen v ceno
Varnostni set - CO detektor (D4P-1087)

Pilot Controller Kit
Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an extremely hazardous colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that can lead to potentially fatal pilot incapacitation in small quantities. Deadly Carbon Monoxide (CO) is produced wherever fossil fuels (such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, natural gas, and propane) are combusted without sufficient oxygen.
Powered aircraft are only sometimes fitted with a CO detector, but more often than not they lack a replacement date. This is extremely dangerous as most commercially available CO detectors lose their protective function after a period of about 90 days!

Due to exactly this reason, we have developed a personal PILOT CONTROLLER KIT® for the safety conscious pilot. This kit can be easily fixed to all our kneeboards featuring a stopwatch fixture.

This simple and precise control can distinguish the PILOT CONTROLLER KIT® from the rest and make it an indispensable companion for flying safely.

The KIT consists of:

  • 1 CONTROLLER holder
  • 1 Kneeboard socket for stopwatch fixture
45,90€  DDV vključen v ceno
Modra PILOT polo majica (D4P-1038)

Design4Pilot PILOT polo majica, temno modra
Kvalitetna polo majica z vezenim logotipom "PILOT", 100% bombaž.

temno modra


29,50€  DDV vključen v ceno
Torbica za slušalke NG (D4P-1041)
Torba za slušalke NGTorbica za slušalke je dobro podložena, izdelana je iz trpežnega in okolju prijaznega recikliranega najlona ter je opremljena s čvrstim zaščitnim okvirjem. Udarci se lahko bolje absorbirajo, kar daje vašim slušalkam še večjo zaščito.

Na sprednji strani je predal z zadrgo, ob straneh - levi in ​​desni - elastični žep iz neoprena za pisala, svetilke, tester goriva itd. Na zadnji strani je tudi velik predal za karte, načrt leta itd. Glavni notranji predal je mogoče razdeliti s prilagodljivim Velcro ježki. Zaradi oblazinjenih pregrad se vse prilega varno in stabilno.

Notranjost pokrova ima dva predelka z zadrgo in reže za vizitke. Na levi in ​​desni strani sta 2 držali za pisala in eno elastično držalo za baterije.


Barva: črna

Velikost (D x V x Š): 24.5 cm x 26.5 cm x 9.5 cm
23,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
Pilotska torba DAILY, modra (D4P-1022)
Pilotska torba DAILY

Dobro oblikovana in univerzalno uporabna torba s številnimi žepi se lahko uporablja vsak dan. Torba je izdelana iz močnega, vodoodpornega in okolju prijaznega recikliranega najlona ter ima vsestransko oblazinjenje. Priložen je tudi močan naramni pas s kovinskimi zaponkami. Posebej ojačan okvir in robusten ročaj zagotavljata torbi stabilnost. Na vsaki strani torbe je en predal iz neoprena s potiskano rožo vetrov.

Velik glavni predal lahko uporabljate na različne načine: našli boste dovolj prostora za shranjevanje slušalk, kolenskih tablic, zemljevidov itd. Ob strani je dodaten predal za mobilni telefon.Sprednji del torbe ponuja dva predala za hiter dostop do posebnih držal za pisala, baterije, ključe in vizitke.Na zadnji strani so različni predelki za zemljevide, načrte letov, karte in trak za kovček.

Barva: modra

Velikost (D x V):
42 cm x 32 cm
45,10€  DDV vključen v ceno
Pilotski kovček Airliner (D4P-1018)
Pilotski kovček AIRLINER

Ta elegantno oblikovani pilotski kovček AIRLINER je izdelan iz močnega in okolju prijaznega recikliranega najlonskega vlakna. Rezultat je lahka fleksibilnost v kombinaciji z visoko nosilnostjo.
V sodelovanju s strokovnjaki je bil preoblikovan in temu ustrezno izboljšan nov koncept.

Z ročajem vozička (zaklepanje v različnih položajih) in štirimi visokokakovostnimi kolesi ga lahko brez težav prenašate tudi na dolge razdalje.
Sprednji ovitek je popoln organizator, vse majhne predmete (peresa, mobilni telefon, očala, rezervne baterije, polnilni kabli, osebne izkaznice itd.) lahko enostavno shranite in vzamete ven. Lahko ga zaklenete tako, da pritrdite dodatno ključavnico skozi uho izvlečka zadrge.

Obstajata dva zunanja stranska žepa, ki ju lahko uporabite za shranjevanje, tudi držala za pisala in odstranljivo držalo za ključe. Nad levim žepom je tablica z imenom, tako da je kovček pilota mogoče prepoznati in ga v primeru izgube vrniti lastniku.

Na zadnji strani lahko najdete pritrdilno zanko za nošenje Airlinerja na drugem vozičku. Glavno ohišje je mogoče zavarovati z dvema kombiniranima ključavnicama. Na spodnji strani glavnega pokrova so elastični trakovi za shranjevanje predmetov, kot so kabli, peresa, baterije, svetilke itd.

V velikem glavnem predalu je torba za prenosni računalnik z ježkom, ki jo je mogoče vzeti ven in pritrditi na kovček Airliner, tako da imate v notranjosti več prostora za shranjevanje.

Dimenzije (Š x V x D): 46cm x 41cm x 21cm

163,90€  DDV vključen v ceno
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