Pilotski pripomočki

Pilotski pripomočki

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ASA mapa za VFR karte (CW-8)

Chart Wallet - Book for 8 Charts
Chart wallets organize, hold, carry, and display aeronautical Sectional, WAC, and Low Altitude Enroute charts conveniently. This style features a black vinyl cover, silver wings logo, and clear vinyl organizer pockets. 6 double-sided pockets hold 12 maps between the covers. Expandable binding range depending on how many charts are contained within the wallet.

Dimensions (W x H):
19,7 cm x 29,2 cm
(7-3/4" x 11-1/2")

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ASA svetilka (ASA-FL2-A)

ASA Flashlight
The Flashlight has white, red and blue-green lenses (instrument and map reading). It is waterproof made of lightweight and corrosion resistant materials. This flashlight can be used for preflight inspections as in the cockpit during night flying with red lens installed. It has an extra Krypton bulb stored within.

length=15 cm, diameter=1.7 cm-2.5 cm

Battery Size:
2 x AA Cell

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