VFR Country Manual Trip Kit

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VFR Country Manual Trip Kit

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VFR Country Manual Trip Kit
The Jeppesen VFR Manual is the most comprehensive European VFR flight guide covering over 2,200 airports in 29 European countries. Available in various geographical editions defined by customer experience, or tailored for your individual combination of countries, the Jeppesen services give you unmatched flexibility for your flying. Besides colored Visual Approach, Landing and Area Charts the Jeppesen VFR Manual contains general and country related text sections including Regulations, Communications, Meteorology, Aerodrome Directory and more for the planning and execution of flights within Europe under Visual Flight Rules.The loose-leaf system allows easy monthly updating or use of individual charts in-flight on your kneeboard or fixed to your yoke.

Complete set of services that work together

  • Most comprehensive lineup of navigation charts available
  • More personalized options than ever before
  • 7-hole pattern (similar to IFR versions)
  • Ability to integrate VFR and IFR charts in the same binders

Delivery includes: Jeppesen VFR Manual Trip Kit - loose sheets, without binder, without tabs, without revision service.

Important Note: Jeppesen VFR Manuals will be individually composed for you. After ordering there is no right to return or exchange those services!

Check Jeppesen VFR Manual Checklist (Resources) for coverage:


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  • Kataloška številka: VFR-MANUAL
  • Proizvajalec: Jeppesen

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