Karte in atlasi

Karte in atlasi

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Mapa za VFR karte (D4P-1081)
The Chart Organizer
The Chart Organizer is made of a high quality, durable nylon.
With its sophisticated layout and innovative folding and closure system, it provides the most efficient storage for aeronautical charts.

For that to be available:
  •     6 pockets for VFR ot IFR charts
  •     3 pockets for credit, fuel, or insurance cards
  •     1 business card holder
  •     1 pen holder
  •     1 transparent pocket for licences, medicals, etc.
  •     1 pocket for CDs or similar

Dimension (H x W x D):
28 x 17 x 3cm

Color: black
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ASA mapa za VFR karte (CW-8)

Chart Wallet - Book for 8 Charts
Chart wallets organize, hold, carry, and display aeronautical Sectional, WAC, and Low Altitude Enroute charts conveniently. This style features a black vinyl cover, silver wings logo, and clear vinyl organizer pockets. 6 double-sided pockets hold 12 maps between the covers. Expandable binding range depending on how many charts are contained within the wallet.

Dimensions (W x H):
19,7 cm x 29,2 cm
(7-3/4" x 11-1/2")

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ASA Yoke Clip (YC-1)
ASA Yoke Clip
Holds all the necessary flight paperwork right where pilots need it, leaving their hands free to fly. Simple to install, the black plastic, i-beam construction is strong enough to serve as a pilot's third hand.

The clip is higher than other yoke clips, holding sectionals, approach plates, flight logs, checklists, flight computers, and pens in easy view. The unique, over-centering cam easily adjusts to fit all general aviation aircraft yokes without modification.

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