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Icom BP-208N Battery Case (IC-A6E/24E) (ICOM-BP-208N)

Icom BP-208N Battery Case
Icom BP-208N Battery Case (6x Alkaline AA/LR6 Batteries) for use with Icom IC-A6E and IC-A24E transceivers. Belt Clip MB-103 can be used with this battery case.

*Radio, Belt Clip MB-103 and Batteries are not included.

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Icom IC-A25NE VHF Com/Nav (ICOM-IC-A25NE)

Icom IC-A25NE VHF Nav/Com - Next Generation Icom Air Band Radio with Built-in GPS and Bluetooth®

6 Watts High RF Output Power:
For expanded communication coverage, output power has been increased to approximately 6 W typical (PEP)/ 1.8 W typical (carrier) compared to the IC-A24E (5/1.5 W PEP/carrier).

Easy-to-Use Interface:
Often used functions are assigned to the keypad and you can directly access a desired function. The enlarged flat sheet keypad offers smooth and swift operation.

* Photo is of the IC-A25NE

2.3 inch Large High Visibility LCD:
The 2.3 inch large, high contrast and high visible LCD displays user-friendly, graphic screens and ensures good readability under direct sunlight. The operating frequency in large characters can be recognized at a glance. In addition, the night mode option enables easy viewing in low light conditions.

"Flip-Flop" Channel Recall:
The IC-A25NE/CE stores the last 10 channels used. You can easily recall those channels by using the directional keys, the channel knoband the 10 keypad. This is convenient for switching between several channels, such as NAV and COM channels. In addition, you can freely edit (replace, delete, change order) the stored recall channels.

Built-in Bluetooth® for Hands-Free Operation
A third-party wireless Bluetooth® headset, like a 3M™ Peltor™ WS™ 5*, provides convenient hands-free operation. Also, by using the optional VS-3 Bluetooth® headset, the side tone function can be used.
* Compatibility not guaranteed.
Intelligent Battery with Detailed Battery Status:
The supplied BP-288, 2350 mAh typical intelligent battery pack, provides up to 10.5 hours* of operating time. You can check the condition of the battery pack in the battery status screen. It is very useful for optimum charging and battery health maintenance. *Typical operation with Tx: Rx (Max.audio): standby=5:5:90. (Bluetooth OFF, GPS ON)

Other Features
  • IP57 dust-protection and waterproof construction
  • Operate with six AA size alkaline batteries with the BP-289 battery case
  • BNC antenna
  • 121.5 MHz emergency key
  • Priority watch
  • VFO scan, memory channel scan, priority scan
  • ANL (Auto Noise Limiter) for noise reduction
  • Side tone function enables you to hear your own voice from an external aviation headset
  • Internal VOX capability
  • 300 memory channels (in 15 memory groups) with 12 character names
  • 8.33 kHz channel spacing

    VOR Navigation Functions
  • The CDI (Course Deviation Indicator) is detailed like a real VOR instrument, and displays any deviation from your course.
  • The OBS (Omni Bearing Selector) enables you to change course from the original flight plan.
  • The TO-FROM indicator shows the position relationship between your aircraft and the course selected by the OBS.
  • The ABSS (Automatic Bearing Set System) function enables you to set the current course as a new course in two simple steps.

Near Station Search Function
The near station search function assists you in accessing nearby ground stations. The function searches for nearby stations using the station memories that have GPS position information. To use the near station search function, position data and frequencies of the ground stations must be programmed.

Built-in GPS Receiver with Simplified Waypoint NAV
The simplified waypoint NAV guides you to a destination by using current position information from GPS (also GLONASS and SBAS). The waypoint NAV has two functions: Direct-To NAV and Flight Plan NAV. Up to 10 flight plans and 300 waypoints can be memorized in the IC-A25NE.

Flight Plans with Android™ /iOS™ App
Using the RS-AERO1A (Android) or RS-AERO1I (iOS) application, you can make flight plans on an Android/iOS device and import the plan into the IC-A25NE via Bluetooth. The following four functions are available: Create a flight plan, set Direct-To NAV, display flight plan information and display waypoint information.

NAV / COMNAV and COM channels
Frequency rangeTx118.000–136.992 MHz
Rx108.000–136.992 MHz
Number of memory channels300 channels/15 groups
Channel spacing25/8.33 kHz
Type of emission6K80A3E, 5K00A3E
Power supply requirement7.2 V DC (BP-288), 11.0 V DC (External DC Jack)
Current drain (approximately)Tx HighLess than 1.8 A
Rx Max. audio
Less than 500 mA
90 mA typ. (GPS, Bluetooth, Light: OFF)
Antenna impedance50 Ω
Operating temperature range−20 °C to +55 °C
(W × H × D;)
(Projections not included)
58.9 × 148.4 × 31.8 mm
Weight (approximately)340 g (with BP-288)

Output power (at 7.2 V DC)6.0/1.8 W (PEP/carrier)
Audio harmonic distortionLess than 10% (at 85% modulation)
Harmonics Spurious emissionsLess than −36 dBm
(except operation frequency ±1 MHz)
Frequency stability±1 ppm

Intermediate frequencies4646.35 MHz/450 kHz (1st/2nd)
(6 dB S/N)
Less than 0 dBμ
(12 dB SINAD)
Less than 0 dBμ (with CCITT filter)
Squelch sensitivity
(at threshold)
Less than 0 dBμ
Adjacent channel rejectionMore than 60 dB
Spurious responseMore than 70 dB
Hum and noiseMore than 40 dB (at 90% modulation)
Audio output powerMore than 350 mW typ.
(8 Ω load/60% modulation at 10% distortion)
Ext. speaker connector3-conductor 3.5 (d) mm (1⁄8ʺ)/8 Ω
Measurements made in accordance with EN300 676-2.
All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation


Android™ application software for flight planning. Download from Google Play™.Download
iOS™ application software for flight planning. Download from AppStore℠.Download
Programming software for Windows® PC. Download from Icom website.Download
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Icom BP-261 Battery Case (IC-A15) (ICOM-BP-261)

Icom BP-261 Battery Case

Icom BP-261 Battery Case (6x Alkaline AA/LR6 batteries) for use with Icom IC-A15 and IC-A15S transceivers.

*Radio and Batteries are not included!

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Icom BP-262 Battery Case (IC-RX7) (ICOM-BP-262)

Icom BP-262 Battery Case
Icom BP-262 Battery Case (3x Alkaline AA/LR6 Batteries) for use with Icom IC-RX7.

*Radio and Batteries are not included!

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Icom BP-210N Ni-Mh (IC-A6E/24E) (ICOM-BP-210N)

Icom BP-210N Ni-Mh Battery (IC-A6E/24E)
ICOM BP-210N Ni-Mh 1650mAh rechargeable Battery for use with Icom IC-A6E and IC-A24E transceivers. Belt Clip MB-103 can be attached to the battery.

Specification: 7.2 V 1650 mAh 11.88 WH

Radio and Belt Clip MB-103 are not included.

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Icom BC-119N Fast Desktop Charger (ICOM-BC-119N)

Icom BC-119N Fast Desktop Charger
Icom BC-119N Fast Desktop Charger - universal fast charger for Icom transceivers. Includes an AC adapter BC-145. The BC-119N charges both Ni-Cd, Ni-MH (1–2 hours) and Li-Ion battery packs (2–3 hours). AD-xx/xxx adapter cup for specific transceiver is required.


  • Universal Fast Charger BC-119N
  • AC Adapter BC-145

w/o Adapter Cup

For IC-A6 and IC-A24 Transceivers AD-101 Adapter Cup is required.
For IC-A15 Transceivers AD-106 Adapter Cup is required.

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Icom AD-101 Charging Adapter (IC-A6E/24E) (ICOM-AD-101)

Icom AD-101N Charging Adapter (IC-A6E/24E)
Use Icom AD-101 Charging Adapter (IC-A6/24) for perfect fit of Icom transceivers to fast charging stations BC-119N and BC-121N.

For use with IC-A6E and IC-A24E transceivers.
With enclosed adapter batteries can also be charged without transceiver.

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Icom CP-20 Cigarette Lighter Cable 12/24 (IC-A6E/24E) (ICOM-CP-20)

Icom CP-20 Cigarette Lighter Cable 12/24 (IC A6E/24E)
Icom CP-20 Cigarette Lighter Cable 12/24V (IC-A6/24E) for power supply during operation and charging to Icom IC-A6E and IC-A24E. For use with 12-24 V input.

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Icom CP-18 Cigarette Lighter Cable 12/24 (Receivers) (ICOM-CP-18E)

Icom CP-18 Cigarette Lighter Cable 12/24 (Receivers)
The Cigarette Lighter Cable 12-16V for use with Icom scanners IC-R6, IC-RX7 and IC-R20. The charging cable can be plugged directly to the scanners or it can be used with charger stand BC-194 (stand for IC-R6 only). Input: 12-16V.

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Icom CP-22 Cigarette Lighter Cable 12/24V (IC-A15) (ICOM-CP-22)

Icom CP-22 Cigarette Lighter Cable 12/24V (IC-A15)
Icom CP-22 Cigarette Lighter Cable 12/24V (IC-A15) for use with BC-179 Charging Stand to charge batteries of Icom IC-A15 and IC-A15S. Input: 12-24 V.

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Icom antenna FA-B02AR (ICOM-FA-B02AR)
Icom antenna FA-B02AR
New Icom FA-B02AR Air Band Antenna for:
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Procom ML-1ZGP4R (ML-1-ZGP4R)

Procom ML-1ZGP4R
The Procom ML 1-ZGP4R Avionic Mobile Antenna

  • Stainless steel ZG-mount with M8 x 1-thread whip-fastening system.
  • Simple mounting exclusively with access from the outside.
  • ZGP4-mount: Permanently attached 4 m cable terminated with FME-connector.

Electrical Specification:
  • Model: ML 1-ZG
  • Antenna Type: ¼ λ mobile whip antenna
  • Frequency: Tunable by cutting within: 66…88 MHz,(Also applicable: 88…175 MHz)
  • Impedance: Nom. 50 Ω
  • Polarization: Vertical
  • Gain: 0 dB (acc. to EIA RS-329-1)
  • Bandwidth: ≥ 8 MHz @ SWR ≤ 2.0
  • SWR: ≤ 1.3 @ f. res.
  • Max. power: 250 W

Mechanical specification
  • Materials
    • Whip: black-chromed stainless steel.
    • Spring: Black-chromed stainless steel.
    • Mount: Weather- and shockproof plastics Stainless steel
  • Recommended installation torque: 7.5 ± 1 Nm
  • Color: Black
  • Height: approx. 1.1 m
  • Weight: approx. 360 g
  • Mounting 21 mm dia. hole


Height: 1.1 m
Weight: 360 g

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MA-82 Magnetic Antenna Base (BNC) (MA-82)

MA-82 Magnetic Antenna Base (BNC)
The Lafayette MA-82 magnetic base for BNC antenna is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Soft water-proof fabric lined under the magnetic base prevent surfaces of being scratched. With female BNC connector on the base and male BNC connector on the cable.

Dimensions: d=82 mm
Weight: 460 g
Cable: Coaxial RG-58A/U
Cable Length: 5 m
Cable Connector: m BNC
Base Connector: f BNC

*antenna is not included!

18,00€  Inc Tax
Car Window Mount for Antenna (BNC) (MB-WCM-BNC)
Car Window Mount for Antenna (BNC):
  • Bracket Window Coxial cable: RG-174U,
  • Connector BNC,
  • Cable length: 3 meters.
17,20€  Inc Tax
Car Window Mount for Antenna (SMA) (MB-WCM-SMA)
Car Window Mount for Antenna (SMA):
  • Bracket Window Coxial cable: RG-174U,
  • Connector SMA
  • Cable length: 3 meters.
17,20€  Inc Tax
Icom OPC-499 Headset Adapter (ICOM-OPC-499)

Icom OPC-499 Headset Adapter
This is the OPC-499 Headset adapter with 3.5 mm PTT (Push To Talk) socket for use with Icom IC-A15, IC-A6E and IC-A24E Transceivers.

Plug your headset directly into your transceiver, for use as a remote radio system in your aircraft.

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Icom LC-159 Leather Case (ICOM-LC-159)

Icom LC-159 Carrying Case
Icom LC-159 Carrying Case for use with Icom IC-A6 and IC-A24 Transceivers.

* Radio is not included!

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Aviation Headset Replacement Cable (MIC-EAR-PLUG)
Aviation Headset Replacement Cable
    Jack plugs:
  • Mic, PJ-068 (.206 inch / 5.25mm).
  • Audio, PJ-055 (.25 inch / 6.35mm).
  • Cable length 175 mm.
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Icom MB-103 Belt Clip (ICOM-MB-103)

Icom MB-103 Belt Clip
Icom Belt Clip MB-103 for BP-210N, BP-208N, ...

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MGF Kneeboard iPad Pro/Air (KNE-1226)
iPad Sport Case (Kneeboard/Mountable)

iPad version:
  • iPad (9.7") and iPad Pro 9.7
  • iPad Air 1/2

Product Demonstration

The iPad Kneeboard Sport™ is the perfect aviation kneeboard, mount and everyday case for the iPad Mini 4. It is designed for the pilot looking to secure their iPad on either leg, who needs the minimal case, but still wants a very secure fit, or for the pilot that wants to mount their iPad.

In black, smooth polycarbonate, the Sport™ adds protection and great feel to the iPad. The iPad Kneeboard Sport™ was designed for pilots by pilots.

It is designed to work in aircraft where space is tight or where there is a cyclic, or control stick being used between the legs. It is perfect for pilots of helicopters, sport aircraft, and when there is tight yoke clearance or when mounting is desired.

NOTE: This is the iPad Kneeboard only. Mounts sold separately.

iPad secured, viewable, and operable with one hand during critical phases of flight.
Secure your iPad on either leg for use with either hand.
Allows for fast coupling and iPad rotation when used with MGF Sport Mount.

Case easily connects and rotates when paired with MGF Sport Mounts.

Rotate iPad between landscape and portrait positions in flight when mounted.

Take your iPad from air to office to home, eliminating the inconvenience and cost of using more than one case.

Use with an Apple Smart Cover for the complete iPad Kneeboard case.

Other Details:
  • Dimensions (L x W X D): 24.77cm x 19.69cm x 1.6cm (9.75" x 7.75" x .63")
  • Kneeboard/Lapboard: Yes/No
  • Mountable: Yes
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Colors & Finish: Black with soft rubber coatin
  • Port Access: All ports accessible
  • Clipboard: No
  • Aluminum Rails On Back: Yes with rubber feet
  • Leg Strap: Yes
  • Case Skin Option: No
  • Apple Smart Cover Compatible: Yes

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