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Pilot Supplies

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MA-82 Magnetic Antenna Base (BNC) (MA-82)

MA-82 Magnetic Antenna Base (BNC)
The Lafayette MA-82 magnetic base for BNC antenna is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Soft water-proof fabric lined under the magnetic base prevent surfaces of being scratched. With female BNC connector on the base and male BNC connector on the cable.

Dimensions: d=82 mm
Weight: 460 g
Cable: Coaxial RG-58A/U
Cable Length: 5 m
Cable Connector: m BNC
Base Connector: f BNC

*antenna is not included!

18,00€  Inc Tax
Car Window Mount for Antenna (BNC) (MB-WCM-BNC)
Car Window Mount for Antenna (BNC):
  • Bracket Window Coxial cable: RG-174U,
  • Connector BNC,
  • Cable length: 3 meters.
17,20€  Inc Tax
Car Window Mount for Antenna (SMA) (MB-WCM-SMA)
Car Window Mount for Antenna (SMA):
  • Bracket Window Coxial cable: RG-174U,
  • Connector SMA
  • Cable length: 3 meters.
17,20€  Inc Tax
Icom OPC-499 Headset Adapter (ICOM-OPC-499)

Icom OPC-499 Headset Adapter
This is the OPC-499 Headset adapter with 3.5 mm PTT (Push To Talk) socket for use with Icom IC-A15, IC-A6E and IC-A24E Transceivers.

Plug your headset directly into your transceiver, for use as a remote radio system in your aircraft.

55,00€  Inc Tax
Icom LC-159 Leather Case (ICOM-LC-159)

Icom LC-159 Carrying Case
Icom LC-159 Carrying Case for use with Icom IC-A6 and IC-A24 Transceivers.

* Radio is not included!

34,00€  Inc Tax
Aviation Headset Replacement Cable (MIC-EAR-PLUG)
Aviation Headset Replacement Cable
    Jack plugs:
  • Mic, PJ-068 (.206 inch / 5.25mm).
  • Audio, PJ-055 (.25 inch / 6.35mm).
  • Cable length 175 mm.
29,90€  Inc Tax
Icom LC-170 Leather Case (ICOM-LC-170)

Icom LC-170 Carrying Case
Icom LC-170 Leather Case for use with Icom IC-RX7 handheld receiver/scanner.

*Scanner is not included!

34,00€  Inc Tax
Icom MB-103 Belt Clip (ICOM-MB-103)

Icom MB-103 Belt Clip
Icom Belt Clip MB-103 for BP-210N, BP-208N, ...

13,50€  Inc Tax
MGF Kneeboard iPad Pro/Air (KNE-1226)
iPad Sport Case (Kneeboard/Mountable)

iPad version:
  • iPad (9.7") and iPad Pro 9.7
  • iPad Air 1/2

Product Demonstration

The iPad Kneeboard Sport™ is the perfect aviation kneeboard, mount and everyday case for the iPad Mini 4. It is designed for the pilot looking to secure their iPad on either leg, who needs the minimal case, but still wants a very secure fit, or for the pilot that wants to mount their iPad.

In black, smooth polycarbonate, the Sport™ adds protection and great feel to the iPad. The iPad Kneeboard Sport™ was designed for pilots by pilots.

It is designed to work in aircraft where space is tight or where there is a cyclic, or control stick being used between the legs. It is perfect for pilots of helicopters, sport aircraft, and when there is tight yoke clearance or when mounting is desired.

NOTE: This is the iPad Kneeboard only. Mounts sold separately.

iPad secured, viewable, and operable with one hand during critical phases of flight.
Secure your iPad on either leg for use with either hand.
Allows for fast coupling and iPad rotation when used with MGF Sport Mount.

Case easily connects and rotates when paired with MGF Sport Mounts.

Rotate iPad between landscape and portrait positions in flight when mounted.

Take your iPad from air to office to home, eliminating the inconvenience and cost of using more than one case.

Use with an Apple Smart Cover for the complete iPad Kneeboard case.

Other Details:
  • Dimensions (L x W X D): 24.77cm x 19.69cm x 1.6cm (9.75" x 7.75" x .63")
  • Kneeboard/Lapboard: Yes/No
  • Mountable: Yes
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Colors & Finish: Black with soft rubber coatin
  • Port Access: All ports accessible
  • Clipboard: No
  • Aluminum Rails On Back: Yes with rubber feet
  • Leg Strap: Yes
  • Case Skin Option: No
  • Apple Smart Cover Compatible: Yes

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132,00€  Inc Tax
Icom MB-96F Fixed Hanger (ICOM-MB-96F)

Icom MB-96F Fixed Type Belt Hanger
Icom MB-96F Fixed Type Belt Hanger (For use with MB-103) for different types of Transceivers.

28,90€  Inc Tax
Icom MB-96N Swivel Hanger (ICOM-MB-96N)

Icom MB-96N Swivel Hanger
Icom MB-96N Swivel (Leather) Type Belt Hanger for different types of Transceivers.

32,90€  Inc Tax
Yaesu SEP-11A Earbud Speaker (SEP-11A)
Yaesu SEP-11A
Yaesu SEP-11A Earphone for all Yaesu Airband Transceivers
35,90€  Inc Tax
Yaesu SCU-15 Headset Adaptor Cable (SCU-15)
Yaesu SCU-15
The Yaesu SCU-15 Headset Adaptor Cable is compatible with: FTA-250L, FTA-450L, FTA-550 AA, FTA-550L and FTA-750L models.
49,70€  Inc Tax
Icom OPC-592 Adapter Cable (OPC-592)
Icom OPC-592 adapter Cable
Icom OPC-592 adapter Cable to combine with OPC-478 for following transceivers programming:
  • IC-A110EURO
  • IC-A120EURO
12,00€  Inc Tax
Power Supply for Icom IC-A120E (HOXIN-SS-815)
Power Supply for Icom IC-A120E
High efficiency 15A switching power supply.
  •  Short circuit and over voltage protection (with alert Led).
  • Cooling by fan.
  • Power on Led indicator.
  • Input voltage (AC): 100V ~ 260V selectable
  • Output voltage (DC): 9V~17V adjustable
  • Rate current: 13A
  • Max. current: 15A
  • Fuse: 220V / 3A

  • 165 x 55 x 150 mm
  • Weight: 0.6 kg

Power Supply suitable for:

Power Supply for Icom IC-A120E
89,00€  Inc Tax
825BC Switching Power Supply (825BC)
825BC Switching Power Supply, 13,8 volts / 22 - 25 amps.
This innovative power supply is equipped with a system whereby as well as connecting your radio you shall connect a 12 volt battery (optional) that through the use of the power supply itself will remain charged and will always be prepared against a possible power cut after which the power supply will continue supplying current from the battery immediately.

  • Input voltage (AC): 220V ~ 240V selectable
  • Output voltage (DC): 13,8V
  • Protections: Short circuit, overload and overvoltage
  • Fan in upper side.
  • LED operation and emergency indicators.
  • Rate current: 22A
  • Max. current: 25A

  • Despite a great power supply, this equipment has reduced dimensions: 165 x 150 x 55 mm and
  • Weight of 1,4 kg.
Power Supply suitable for:
Power Supply for Icom IC-A120E
98,00€  Inc Tax
Pilot Controller Kit (D4P-1087)

Pilot Controller Kit
Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an extremely hazardous colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that can lead to potentially fatal pilot incapacitation in small quantities. Deadly Carbon Monoxide (CO) is produced wherever fossil fuels (such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, natural gas, and propane) are combusted without sufficient oxygen.
Powered aircraft are only sometimes fitted with a CO detector, but more often than not they lack a replacement date. This is extremely dangerous as most commercially available CO detectors lose their protective function after a period of about 90 days!

Due to exactly this reason, we have developed a personal PILOT CONTROLLER KIT® for the safety conscious pilot. This kit can be easily fixed to all our kneeboards featuring a stopwatch fixture.

This simple and precise control can distinguish the PILOT CONTROLLER KIT® from the rest and make it an indispensable companion for flying safely.

The KIT consists of:

  • 1 CONTROLLER holder
  • 1 Kneeboard socket for stopwatch fixture
40,60€  Inc Tax
ASA Flightlight (ASA-FL2-A)

ASA Flashlight
The Flashlight has white, red and blue-green lenses (instrument and map reading). It is waterproof made of lightweight and corrosion resistant materials. This flashlight can be used for preflight inspections as in the cockpit during night flying with red lens installed. It has an extra Krypton bulb stored within.

length=15 cm, diameter=1.7 cm-2.5 cm

Battery Size:
2 x AA Cell

23,10€  Inc Tax
UHF (Female) for RF400 (UHF-F-RF400)

UHF (Female) for RF400
UHF connector female cable mount for RF400


Insulator:Teflon / PTFE
Contact pin:Brass (gold flash)
Nut:Brass (nickel)
Compatible with the:


6,70€  Inc Tax
Asa LED Flightlight (Red/Green/White) (ASA-FL-3C)

Asa AirClassics™ 3-in-one LED Flightlight (Red/Green/White)
Pilot companion, compact LED flashlight illuminates in red, green, or white.

A flashlight is a must have for every pilot's flight bag. In or out of the cockpit, this conveniently sized, long lasting, and durable flashlight serves as a great pilot companion. This 3-in-one LED flashlight toggles between red, green, or white depending on your cockpit needs. With an LED life of 100,000 hours, the included alkaline batteries can keep this flashlight illuminated for up to 17 hours in "red" mode, and 14 hours in "white".

The on/off switch located on the bottom allows for easy cycle through the colors. No separate color filters, separate heads or extra attachments are required. The adjustable flashlight head allows for easy flood and spot beam settings. The lightweight aluminum body is durable and weather resistant and the ergonomic textured handle allows for easy one hand operation and compact storage.

Weight: 160g
Dimensions: 34mm x 109mm (1.3" x 4.3")
LED Life: 100,000 hours
White: 180 lumens, beam distance 115m
Green: 70 lumens, beam distance 85m
Red: 40 lumens, beam distance 55m
24,90€  Inc Tax
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