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Pilot Supplies

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Asa Cloth Earseal Covers (HS-1-COVER)
Asa Cloth Earseal Covers
  • Provides the ultimate in comfort
  • Fits most major brands of headsets/earseals
  • 100% Cotton
  • Washable
Adding earseal covers is an easy and inexpensive headset upgrade that can make a big difference in comfort. These earseal covers improve comfort by creating a soft contact surface between your headset's earseals and the area on and around your ears.

Made of cool cotton cloth, they also provide thermal protection in both hot and cold temperatures, absorbing perspiration when it's hot and helping to keep ears warm and cozy in the cold
8,60€  Inc Tax
Universal Hygenic Earseal Covers (HYCOV)
Universal Hygenic Earseal Covers
They are helping to protect headset earseals. Sold In Pairs.
6,90€  Inc Tax
Microphone Muff (ASA-HS-1-MU)
Microphone Muff
The Microphone Muff is the easiest and most effective way to protect your headset microphone and improve transmission clarity.
  • Made of acoustically transparent Sonic FoamTM
  • Protects against moisture, dirt, and debris
  • Helps eliminate excess wind and background noise

Hypo-allergenic and washable for years of trouble-free use! Simply pull the Microphone Muff over your headset mic and secure with included O-ring.

Note: Does not include headset
7,00€  Inc Tax
Sanitary Disposable Microphone Covers, White, Small (100x) (HS-MICCVR)
Sanitary Disposable Microphone Covers, White, Small
  • Small size microphone covers
  • The mic covers are individually hand-sewn and sold in bags of 100 pieces
  • Easy installation is like sliding a sleeve onto most headset microphones
  • Length 38.1mm (1.5-inches).
  • Diameter 19mm (3/4-inch).
  • Fits easily over most headset microphones.
35,00€  Inc Tax
GA Headset PTT Switch (HD-103)
GA Headset PTT Switch
Control your transmission with the PTT (Push To Talk) switch made for headsets with GA plugs.

Plug your headset's microphone connector directly into this adapter and connect it to the aircraft microphone plug.
24,00€  Inc Tax
GA Headset PTT Switch (Icom) (HD-103-1)
GA Headset PTT Switch
Control your transmission with the PTT (Push To Talk) switch made for Icom transceivers for use with GA headsets.

Plug your headset's connectors into this adapter and connect it directly to the one of Icom transceivers: IC-A15, IC-A6E, IC-A24E.
57,90€  Inc Tax
Asa Push To Talk Switch (ASA-PTT-1A)

Asa Push To Talk Switch
A portable push-to-talk switch (PTT) for use with any general aviation headset, intercom, and radio.

Good communications are essential to a successful flight. This convenient switch mounts to the yoke with a velcro strap, allowing pilots to use their thumb to push the button and communicate with ATC, Unicom, or other aircraft.

This eliminates the distraction of picking up the microphone, for hands-free communication that keeps pilots focused on flying the aircraft. Particularly useful for rental aircraft, which typically might not have push-to-talk switches installed.

Features include:
  • low-profile ergonomic button,
  • superior contact switch,
  • heavy-duty gold-plated plugs and jack,
  • durable, shield coiled cord,
  • hook and loop mounting strap,
  • plugs into aircraft radio or intercom,
  • molded strain relief.

Weight: 0.41 kg

27,50€  Inc Tax
Helicopter to GA adapter (HD-104)
Helicopter to GA adapter
Convert your headset application from helicopter to general aviation with this simple aviation headset adapter.

The Headset Adapter Helicopter to General offers shielded tensile wiring adds flexibility while gold plugs improve signal transfer.
42,00€  Inc Tax
GA to Helicopter adapter (ASA-HS-HEL-ADPT)
GA to Helicopter adapter
This rugged adapter/extension allows you to easily convert your general aviation fixed-wing headset for use in a helicopter.
  • Increase headset versatility
  • Compatible with all general aviation headsets.
Features shielded tensile strength wire and a polyurethane casing.

Weight: 363g
58,00€  Inc Tax
Airbus to GA adapter (60074-122)
Airbus Headset Adaptor (Jack PA-81) - Airbus Plug to Twin GA plugs
This adapters allows you to use your conventional General Aviation headset in an Airbus ( 5 pin XLR Plug) Aircraft.

The XLR5 Connector works on: Airbus aircraft and some of the newer non twin plug Boeings.

Weight: 75g
72,00€  Inc Tax
Hearing Protection Headset HD-10 (HD-10)

Hearing Protection Headset HD-10
Hearing protectors can be recommended for protection against the harmful effects of impulsive noise. The noise reduction rating (NRR) is based on attenuation of continous noise.

The noise level (dB) to which you are exposed while wearing a hearing protector can be estimated by subtracting the NRR from the measured work place noise level.

Lafayette HD-10 Hearing Protection Headset attenuation characteristics:

Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
Attenuation (dB) 10 30 36 45 41 34 31

Technical Data Sheet:
57,90€  Inc Tax
Lynx Pilot System Helmet (LYNX-HELMET)

Lynx Pilot System Helmet
A hard helmet designed specifically for use with Pilot System headsets which combines with the headset to form an integrated assembly.

As headsets can be used without the helmet, this equipment provides a flexible communication system that can be used in both open-cockpit and enclosed-cockpit aircraft.

The helmet has an outer shell of high impact Polycarbonate and an internal trauma liner made from a combination of Polystyrene and Viscoelastic Polyurethane (Memory Foam). The trauma liner moulds to the shape of the user's head, which makes the helmets very comfortable, whilst the composite design of the liner maintains full impact protection.

Threaded bushes are provided in the outer shell, allowing an optional visor to be securely attached. The chin strap is adjustable and is fitted with a quick release buckle.


  • Helmet can be used with any Lynx headset
  • Headset can be used without helmet
  • Available in four sizes:
    • S (55 - 57 cm)
    • M (57 - 59 cm)
    • L (59 - 61 cm)
    • XL (61 - 63 cm)
  • Certified to European Standard (CE) for Pilot Helmets EN966:1996

Helmet colour: White

*headset is not included

257,00€  Inc Tax
Lynx Helmet Visor (white) (LYNX-VISOR-W)

Lynx Helmet Visor (white)
The Helmet Visor (face shield) is designed for use with Lynx helmets and provides face protection alongside the head protection offered by the helmet.

The visor is manufactured from Polycarbonate and attaches securely to the helmet using three machine fasteners.

The visor design incorporates an aerodynamic peak, smooth pivot mechanism and a manual latch to lock the visor in the closed position.

To provide unrestricted vision when used with a visor extension, the visor opens fully and also locks into the open position. The visor is available as standard with a white opaque peak or in a high visibility version with a transparent tinted peak. The high visibility visor allows the user to see through the peak and provides better upwards visibility which is useful in certain applications.


  • Provides protection against the elements
  • Aerodynamic visor peak
  • Opaque or Transparent peak options
  • Integrated visor latch locks the visor closed
  • Integrated visor catch holds the visor open

Visor peak: White

75,00€  Inc Tax
Lynx Visor Extension (white) (LYNX-VISOR-EXT-W)

Lynx Visor Extension (white)
The Visor Extension is designed for use with a Lynx visor (face shield) and combines with the visor to form a streamlined assembly. The extension is injection moulded from the same Polycarbonate material as the helmet which ensures an accurate fit to the visor with maximum strength. The extension can be factory fitted to the visor or supplied as a kit of parts.


  • Streamlined profile
  • Injection moulded Polycarbonate
  • Factory fitted or kit of parts

Colour: White

42,00€  Inc Tax
Lynx Leather Helmet (LYNX-LEATHER-HELMET)

Lynx Leather Helmet
A soft leather helmet with padded chamois lining for use with Lynx headset. The helmet is fited over the headset and combines with it to form an integrated assembly. Hand madeto resemble a second world war fighter helmet, and weighing only 270 grams, this helmet is ideal for use in classic open-cockpit aircraft.


  • Helmet can be used with any Lynx headset
  • Can be used with or without headset
  • Hand made from leather and chamois

*headset is not included

170,50€  Inc Tax
Pilot Wallet Set (D4P-1079)
Pilot Wallet Set
This elegant PILOT WALLET SET is made of high quality eco-friendly leather.

This set consists of:
  • one wallet with 2 pockets for bank notes and a silver metal wing on the outside, a pocket for small change with an embossed PILOT® Logo, six pockets for credit cards and one for an ID-card
  • one key case for six keys with a metal wing on the outside and embossed PILOT® Logo Inside
  • one high quality pen with standard pen refill

Colour: black with silver wings

Wallet: 10 x 8,5 x 2cm
Key case: 10 x 6 x 2cm
54,00€  Inc Tax
Lynx Helmet Goggles (LYNX-GOGGLES)

Lynx Helmet Goggles
Authentic MARK49 goggles with brass frames and stitched leather face mask. The helmet goggles are intended for use with the leather helmet and provide a classic look to the modern intercom equipment.


  • Authentic WWII design
  • Brass frames
  • Hand stitched leather work
75,40€  Inc Tax
Licence EASA cover (D4P-1102)

Licence EASA cover
This elegant PILOT EASA LICENSE COVER is made of high quality eco-friendly leather with silver metal wing on the outside.

Inside there are six plastic pockets for pilot license, medical, …

Three further pockets for credit cards, one for a business card, another one for paper and the embossed PILOT® logo.

W x H: EASA license
13.5 x 10 x 1 cm

23,00€  Inc Tax
Pilot Passport Set (D4P-1090)

Pilot Passport Set
This elegant Pilot Passport Set is made of high quality eco-friendly leather.

This set consists of:
  • one passport cover with silver metal wing on the outside, an embossed PILOT® Logo inside, three pockets for credit cards, one for a business card and a pocket for a SIM card,
  • one luggage tag with print „CREW“ on both sides, with a covered name plate and solid clip and embossed PILOT® Wings,
  • Delivery in a black gift box with silver printing.

Colour:  black with silver wings

Wallet: 14 x 10 x 1cm
Luggage tag: 5,5cm x 15cm (incl. carabiner)

33,00€  Inc Tax
Pilot Card Holder (D4P-1099)
Pilot Card Holder
This elegant PILOT CARD HOLDER is made of high quality eco-friendly leather.

A stainless steel money clip is on the front site and below a silver metal wing and an embossed PILOT®-Logo on the back.

Inside six pockets for credit cards and one for a business card.

The quick access-openings you recognize immediately the right card and this allows you to handle it simple and convenient.

Delivery in a black gift box with silver printing.

Color: black with silver wings

10,5 x 6,7 x 1,2 cm
27,00€  Inc Tax
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