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Izobraževanje, knjige

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Asa E6B Student Flight Computer (ASA-E6B-P)

Asa E6B Student Flight Computer
Durable fiberboard E6-B manual flight planning computer.

ASA's Flight Computer is made from solid, heavyweight fiberboard, an economical version of the aluminum model E6B including all its problem-solving features: compute time, speed, distance, altitude, true airspeed, and density altitude problems. Conversions, nautical and statute scales, wind component grid and comprehensive crosswind correction chart included.

22.5 cm x 11.5 cm
(9" x 4-1/2")

Instruction booklet


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Jeppesen E6B Student CSG Computer (10001316)

Jeppesen E6B Student CSG Computer
Jeppesen's flight computers are the preferred manual computers of instructors and students alike. They solve basic or sophisticated flight problems.

Jeppesen Student Flight Computer (CSG) is a full function, full size manual computer that's perfect for the budget-conscious student. Constructed of rugged plasticized composite material. It conforms to the instructions and examples in Jeppesen manuals, workbooks and audiovisual programs.

Zip-lock carrying case
Instruction manual

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Asa E6B Metal Flight Computer (ASA-E6B)

Asa E6B Metal Flight Computer
High quality aluminum E6-B manual flight planning computer.

The best slide-rule-style flight computer on the market, with solid aluminum construction and easy-to-read lettering. ASA's E6-B features a wind component grid and comprehensive crosswind correction chart, and on the other side the slide computes time, speed, distance, altitude, true airspeed, and density altitude problems as well as conversions. Nautical and statute scales are included.

24.4 cm x 12.2 cm
(9-3/4" x 5")

Vinyl case
Instruction booklet

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Asa E6B Small Metal Flight Computer (E6B-1)

Asa E6B Small Metal Flight Computer
Pocket-sized brushed-aluminum aviation computer features high- and low-speed wind correction slide and high-speed compressibility table.

This pocket-sized, brushed aluminum E6-B is a full-function aviation computer. Popular among military pilots, it features a high-speed and low-speed wind correction slide, high-speed compressibility table, vinyl case, and instruction manual. Micro E6-B performs all the standard manual flight computer functions, and it conveniently fits in a shirt pocket or glove box.

15 cm x 8.5 cm
(6" x 3-1/2")

Vinyl case
Instruction booklet

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Asa E6B High Speed Slide Replacement (E6B-SLIDE)

Asa E6B High Speed Slide Replacement
The E6B Slide Flight Computer is the companion product to ASA's E6-B metal flight computer. Provides calculations for high-speed flight in the range of 220-700 knots or miles per hour.

The E6B slide picks up where the traditional metal flight computer leaves off, providing calculations for the high-speed realm of flight (in the range of 220-700 knots or miles per hour). Pilots simply replace their current slide with this one, which then continues to use the circular computer from traditional E6-Bs.

E6B Slide Flight Computer also includes a compressibility correction chart, ICAO Standard Atmosphere reference table, a worldwide time conversion table, speed limits for the United States, and the most frequently-used weight and balance formulas all of the pertinent formulas and information required for high-altitude, high-speed operations.

Meets both FAR and JAR (international) requirements.

24.4 cm x 9.6 cm

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Asa E6B Circular Flight Computer (ASA-E6B-CIR)

Asa E6B Circular Flight Computer
The Asa E6B Circular Flight Computer combines high-quality construction with easy-to-read lettering to deliver the most efficient, accurate, and convenient manual flight computer available. Perform multiple calculations ranging from basic arithmetic and flight planning problems to complex in-flight computations.

The calculator side of the computer uses conventional slide rule procedures to solve for multiplication, division, and unit conversion and employs scales for performing time, speed, distance, rate, fuel consumption, altitude, airspeed, air temperature, and pressure pattern calculations.

The wind side of the computer provides a graphic method of solving problems and displaying the answers in a useful form. Use the wind side for simple addition and subtraction problems and also to solve for true wind, winds in flight, true course and ground speed, true heading and true airspeed, and off-course correction calculations. The matte finish on the wind side of the calculator can be marked with a pencil during use, and easily wiped clean to allow input for the next problem.

The E6B Circular Flight Computer is a great tool to use during flight planning, flight training or studying. Pilots flying faster aircraft at higher altitudes will find this computer useful in gaining insight to the external atmospheric conditions and the effects they have on in-flight performance.

Dimension (diameter):
15.24 cm

Vinyl carrying case
Instruction manual


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Landing Pattern Computer (LPC)

Landing Pattern Computer
ASA Landing Pattern Computer is visual guide to the traffic pattern so pilots can see the entry, downwind, base, and assigned runway at a glance.

Easily helps determine appropriate headings for each leg when landing or departing the airport — a great teaching aid! Use reverse side for right-hand patterns.

Dimension (diameter):
9.5 cm

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Holding Pattern Computer (HPC-2)

Holding Pattern Computer
You are flying a heading of 360 when you are issued this clearance “…hold east of the ABC VORTAC on the zero niner zero radial, right turns…”

This clearance is enough to invoke a rapid heart beat in the most experienced pilots. Although holding patterns may be used on any instrument flight, holding clearances are issued infrequently enough for pilots to get a little rusty on the procedures. Visualizing a holding pattern from a current position is one of the more challenging aspects of instrument flight.

ASA’s holding pattern computer shows pilots which entry is appropriate given the assigned holding radial. The design not only displays the appropriate entry procedure for both standard and nonstandard patterns (direct, parallel, or teardrop), but also depicts how pilots get to this entry, given their current aircraft heading.

9 cm x 12.5 cm
(3,5" x 5")

Holding pattern practice is now part of the instrument currency requirements (every 6 months, instrument-rated pilots must execute 6 instrument approaches and practice intercepting and tracking a NAVAID, as well as holding procedures). This handy pocket-sized tool may be used as a refresher on the ground, as well as a quick-reference guide in flight.

A perfect learning tool for experienced instrument pilots, students, and convenient instructional aid for flight instructors. Made from durable plastic in the USA.

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Pathfinder CX-3 Flight Computer (ASA-CX-3)

NEW: Pathfinder CX-3 Flight Computer
The CX-3 Flight Computer makes flight planning simple by taking confusion out of the equation. Fast, versatile and easy to use, the CX-3 delivers accurate results quickly and efficiently. It can be used on all FAA and Canadian pilot, mechanic, and dispatcher knowledge exams. Whether used for flight planning, ground school, or knowledge testing, the menu organization reflects the order in which a flight is normally planned and executed, resulting in a natural flow from one function to the next with a minimum of keystrokes.

Multiple aviation functions can be performed on the CX-3 flight computer including those related to time, speed, distance, heading, wind, fuel, altitude, cloud base, standard atmosphere, glide, climb & descent, weight & balance, as well as a holding pattern function to help determine entry method and holding details. A calculator, clock, timer and stopwatch are also built in along with multiple settings for lighting, backlighting, themes, scrolling speed, time zones and more.

The sleek design, and ergonomic fit and finish of the CX-3 make for easy transport. The protective cover comes off the front and snaps onto the back of the computer. A no-slip-strip prevents the CX-3 from sliding around on smooth desk surfaces. A Theme feature provides a convenient way to switch from Standard view to Night or Daylight views. The backlighting feature controls the brightness or intensity of the screen, and the buttons on the keypad will light up in Dusk and Night modes for use in darker environments. A Favorite feature provides quick access to your most frequently used function and store the Aircraft Profile will let you store numbers specific to your aircraft.

The most versatile and easy-to-use aviation flight computer for fast, accurate flight planning and calculations. Using the latest microchip and display technologies, the features and functions of the CX-3 make it the most useful aviation calculator available. Includes 4 AAA batteries.

May be used for FAA and Canadian Exams
The CX-3 complies with FAA Order 8080.6 and Advisory Circular (AC) 60-11, "Test Aids and Materials that May be Used by Airman Knowledge Testing Applicants"; therefore, you may bring the CX-3 with you to the testing centers for all pilot, mechanic, dispatcher, and FAA exams.

Numerous Aviation Functions
Calculate everything from true airspeed and Mach number, fuel burn, holding patterns, to headwind/crosswind components, center of gravity (CG), and everything in between. The menu structure provides easy entry, review, and editing within each function. Multiple problems can be solved within one function.

User Friendly
The color LCD screen displays a menu of functions, and the inputs and outputs of a selected function, for easy-to-read menus and data displays. The inputs and outputs of each function are separated on the display screen so it is clear which numbers were entered and which were calculated, along with their corresponding units of measurement. The menu organization reflects how a flight is normally planned and executed. The result is a natural flow from one function to the next with a minimum of keystrokes: to plan a flight, simply work from the menus in sequential order as you fill in your flight plan form.

Non-volatile memory
All settings including aircraft profile, weight and balance data, trip plan data, values entered by the user, and calculations performed by the device will be retained until the batteries are removed or the user performs a memory reset. Follow the CX-3 User Guide for info on backing up and restoring memory.

Ergonomic Design
The CX-3 features a simple keyboard and slim design. The non-slip cover will protect your computer inside the flight bag and it fits on the backside of the unit for easy storage while in use.

Unit Conversions
The CX-3 has 12 unit-conversions: Distance, Speed, Duration, Temperature, Pressure, Volume, Rate, Weight, Rate of Climb/Descent, Angle of Climb/Descent, Torque, and Angle. These 12 conversion categories contain 38 different conversion factors for over 100 functions.

Timers and Clocks
The CX-3 has two timers: a stopwatch that counts up, and a countdown timer. The stopwatch can be used to keep track of elapsed time or to determine the time required to fly a known distance. The countdown timer can be used as a reminder to switch fuel tanks, or to determine the missed approach point on a non-precision instrument approach. An internal clock continues running even when the flight computer is turned off. UTC, destination and local time can be displayed, and the time can be set with UTC, destination or local time.

Interactive Functions
The CX-3 is designed so the functions can be used together. You can perform “chain” calculations where the answer to a preceding problem is automatically entered in subsequent problems. Standard mathematical calculations and conversions can be performed within each aviation function.

Up to Date
Check for new CX-3 updates online at www.asa2fly.com/CX3.
The update procedure is outlined in CX-3 Operator Manual, Appendix B.

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ASA IFR Overcaster (ASA-OVC)
ASA IFR Overcaster
Overcasters™ are lightweight, clip-on visors that attach to any prescription eyeglass or sunglasses frame in seconds. When flipped up they instantly provide for the perfect instrument-to-visual transition, and when flipped down create a near perfect "simulated instrument" condition.

Overcasters™ clip into any Airport/Facility Directory, Flight Guide™ or approach binder for easy storage, and can be attached for use in seconds. Their dark plastic lenses make "cheating" difficult in the cockpit, and are manufactured for flexibility and durability. And perhaps best of all, Overcasters™ are widely accepted by FAA examiners for use in practical tests and checkrides.

Note: Sunglasses are not included!
25,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
Jiffyhood™ (ASA-H2G)
View-limiting device, used for instrument training; pilot wears to see the instrument panel and block outside references.
ASA's Jiffyhood for IFR training is comfortable, light, and does the job at a reasonable price. Light gray with black adjustable straps; one size fits all.
21,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
Instrument Covers for Partial Panel Practice (ASA-STICKY)
Instrument Covers for Partial Panel Practice
Perfect for partial panel practice, or jotting down quick notes.

These round pads are white with a light blue ASA logo, and fit any aviation instrument. Perfect for partial panel practice, or jotting down quick notes. Sold in 4 packs of 25 (for a total of 100 sticky notes).

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PV-5 IFR navigacijski ploter (10009534)

PV-5 IFR Enroute Plotter
Designed to be used with all of Jeppesen enroute charts - even area navigation (RNAV) enroute charts.

You can also quickly and easily define standard and non-standard holding pattern entries, convert kilometers to nautical miles and more with this plotter.

21.5 cm x 8.2 cm

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Pilotska aktovka Asa AirClassic (ASA-BAG-BRIEF1)

Pilotska aktovka Asa AirClassics
The Pilot Briefcase features an expandable, zippered main compartment with room for all ground and flight school necessities. The outer flap provides easy access to a chart pocket with multiple accessory storage areas to store everything from pencils and pens, to flashlights and flight computers. The flap buckles are rugged, as is the 600D Nylon bag for exceptional durability. This bag is included with the ASA Student Pilot kits. Also perfect for laptop computers.

Each bag is black with the ASA wings logo tastefully embroidered on the top in gray. Count on ASA’s AirClassics™ Flight Bags to bring many years of utility and pride.

The AirClassics Pilot Briefcase features:

  • Padded 600D Nylon for exceptional durability
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Non-slip detachable carry strap
  • Expandable, zippered main compartment
  • Easy access chart pocket on outer flap
  • Multiple accessory storage areas
  • Contrast lining to find items more easily.
  • Rugged buckles on flap
  • All ASA Student Kit contents fit easily into this bag.
  • Convenient hook-and-loop back pocket

ASA's Flight Bags bring pilot gear to a new level — they're among the most functional pilot bags available, classy enough to be taken straight from the airplane to the boardroom. With a clean, sophisticated and professional look, these bags have been designed and engineered to be supremely functional — able to stand up to the toughest treatment possible and still look great at the end of the day.

Dimensions (W x H x D)
38.1cm x 27.94cm x 7.62 cm (15" wide x 11" tall x 3" deep)

0.82kg (1.80 lbs)
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Pilotska torba DAILY, črna (D4P-1021)
Pilotska torba DAILY
Pilotska torba DAILY ima veliko številom predalov, izdelana je iz vodoodpornega najlona in obložena, robustna izdelava pa ji zagotavlja stabilnost (naramni trak je priložen).

Večji predal lahko uporabimo za različne namene, od shranjevanja slušalk, pisalnih podlog, zemljevidov, ... shranimo lahko tudi 15,4" prenosni računalnik. Stranski žep je namenjen za shranjevanje mobilnega telefona.

Na sprednji strani sta dva predala, ki omogočata hitri dostop do pisal, baterij, ključev, ... na zadnji strani pa še dodatne predale za shranjevanje zemljevidov, načrtov, ipd ter trak za pritrditev na kovček.

Barva: črna

Velikost (D x V):
42 cm x 32 cm
45,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
Pilotska torba DAILY, modra (D4P-1022)
Pilotska torba DAILY
Pilotska torba DAILY ima veliko številom predalov, izdelana je iz vodoodpornega najlona in obložena, robustna izdelava pa ji zagotavlja stabilnost (naramni trak je priložen).

Večji predal lahko uporabimo za različne namene, od shranjevanja slušalk, pisalnih podlog, zemljevidov, ... shranimo lahko tudi 15,4" prenosni računalnik. Stranski žep je namenjen za shranjevanje mobilnega telefona.

Na sprednji strani sta dva predala, ki omogočata hitri dostop do pisal, baterij, ključev, ... na zadnji strani pa še dodatne predale za shranjevanje zemljevidov, načrtov, ipd ter trak za pritrditev na kovček.

Barva: modra

Velikost (D x V):
42 cm x 32 cm
45,00€  DDV vključen v ceno
Aeronavtični terminološki slovar (ASA-DAT-6)
Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms
An essential dictionary for everyone in the industry, with more than 11,000 aviation terms, acronyms, and phrases supported by encyclopedia-style definitions and nearly 500 illustrations.

Dale Crane’s ultimate reference book contains more than 11,000 accurate, aviation-specific terms and definitions, updating and gathering all the terms in Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, glossaries from FAA handbooks, advisory circulars and manuals, the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) and Pilot/Controller Glossary, as well as definitions not found in government publications. Nearly 500 illustrations further define and aid visual recognition of the terms, and useful tables and lists are included in appendices.

In an industry of acronyms and technical language, this comprehensive dictionary is an essential reference book for anyone involved with aviation and/or space organizations—administrators, pilots, maintenance technicians, drone operators, colleges and universities, air traffic controllers, manufacturers, engineers, government agencies, airlines, and corporate flight departments, as well as newcomers to the industry, and those who speak English as a second language.

The ASA Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms, now in its Sixth Edition, is a vital reference tool that belongs on every aviation bookshelf.

Author: Dale Crane
ISBN: 978-1-61954-577-9
Edition: Sixth Edition
Dimensions: 15cm x 23cm
Page Count: 800 pages
Illustrations: Nearly 500 black-and-white illustrations
Weight: 1100g

19,95€  DDV vključen v ceno
Aviation Radio Communications Made Easy, VFR Edition (ASA-COMM-VFR)
Aviation Radio Communications Made Easy, VFR Edition
It takes practice to sound like a seasoned pilot! Talking on the radio can be intimidating and stressful. Aviation Radio Communications Made Easy will assist you in learning to talk effectively and efficiently on the radio during your flights. Take this communication resource with you on your next flight, to be used as a memory aid, training tool, and confidence builder to develop your communication skills. Soon, your delivery will be smooth and professional and you will fully understand what ATC is telling/asking you.

The templates allow you to construct a communication script for every flight — regardless of its complexity or the number of communications required. Fill in most of the template blanks during preflight, tear them out and take them with you to the cockpit. Sized to fit your kneeboard, they work as speaking notes to lighten your in-flight workload and eliminate the guesswork about when, for what, and to whom you should be speaking.

Multiple copies of each template are included, along with instructions, communication tips and practical examples. Each of the 32 templates (4 copies of each template) matches a different type of radio communication that may be needed in a VFR flight. Take along the templates necessary for the flight, and in effect you create a "communications trip kit" to use during the flight.
This book is especially effective for student pilots, ground schools, limited English-speaking pilots, flight instructors, and pilots transitioning to new airspace.

Look inside

Author: Hugh C. Ward, Jr., Ed.D.
ISBN: 978-1-56027-584-8
Dimensions: 15 x 21.6cm, spiral bound
Page Count: 282 pages
Weight: 430g
24,95€  DDV vključen v ceno
Aircraft Systems for Pilots (ASA-ACSYS-P)
Aircraft Systems for Pilots
by Dale DeRemer
Single-source manual of what pilots should know about basic aircraft systems. Previously published by Jeppesen.

Previously published by Jeppesen, Aircraft Systems for Pilots is a single-source manual of what pilots should know about basic aircraft systems. It includes a study of the fundamentals of physical matter (from which airplanes are made) and mechanics (how airplane parts act and react). Study of each type of system allows the professional pilot to stay abreast of the critical learning that must occur upon advancement into management of more complex aircraft.

Subjects covered include physics, aircraft engine types and construction, reciprocating engine theory, engine lubrication and cooling, propellers and governors, fuels and fuel systems, power management, supercharging and turbocharging, pressurization and high altitude operations, electrical principles, aircraft electrical systems, hydraulic systems and landing gear, pneumatic and deicing systems, weight and balance, instrument systems, inspections, and much more. Study questions conclude each chapter, and the book is illustrated throughout, and indexed.

In print for more than 30 years and continually updated, this Fourth Edition continues to serve as the comprehensive college textbook for pilots learning aircraft systems.

Look inside

Author: Dale DeRemer
ISBN: 978-1-61954-627-1
Edition: Fourth
Dimensions: 21 x 27cm
Page Count: 464 pages
Weight: 1,04kg
39,95€  DDV vključen v ceno
Asa Complete G1000 Training (ASA-G1000)

Asa Complete G1000 Course
Interactive software! A computer-based tutorial to flying a G1000-equipped airplane.

The Complete G1000 Course helps pilots transition from conventional "round dials" to the Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) glass cockpit environment. This 4-hour, narrated, computer-based tutorial will help you become proficient in operating the Garmin G1000 PFD, MFD, and audio panel from the safety and privacy of your computer without the expense of running up the Hobbs.

This interactive software provides an orientation to the screens, knobs and buttons, to help you understand how to properly operate the system, interpret malfunctions, and achieve an effective scan.

Applicable to both VFR and IFR operations and all aircraft installations of the G1000, and is PC and Mac compatible.

Course Contents:
  • Introduction to FITS and TAA; System Overview and Line Replaceable Units; Knob, Button, and Control Functions; Powering up the G1000; Primary Flight Display (PFD); Crew Alerting System; Transponder; Audio Panel; Engine Indicators and Management; Multi-Function Display (MFD); Flight Planning; Autopilot Integration; Instrument Procedures; Emergency Management.
System Requirements: Windows and Macintosh compatible
  • Windows compatible processor, 800 MHz or faster Windows (2000 & XP), 1.0 GHz or faster (Vista & Windows 7);
    Macintosh computer with PowerPC G3, G4, G5, or Intel processor, OS X Tiger (10.4),
  • 256 MB System RAM (Win2000/XP), 512 MB (Vista), 1024 MB (Win 7);
    256 MB RAM. OS X Leopard (10.5), 512 MB RAM. OS X Snow Leopard (10.6), 1024 MB RAM,
  • 1024 x 768 minimum screen resolution,
  • CD-ROM drive,
  • mouse or other compatible pointing device,
  • QuickTime v6 or later (included on the CD);
    Vista and Windows 7 systems require QuickTime v7 or later,
    QuickTime 7 is available as a free download via the internet.
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