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Telex AIRMAN 8 (AIRMAN8-021X)

Airman 8
Next generation ultra-lightweight battery-free active noise reduction headset.

General Description
The Telex Airman 8 is a lightweight noise-reducing headset designed specifically for optimizing pilot communications in commercial and business turbine aircraft. Building on the tradition of the Airman 850, the Airman 8 has improved durability, intelligibility, and comfort. The Airman 8 is the lightest Active Noise Reduction headset on the market and the only FAA TSO C139a approved ANR headset to utilize Telex’s proprietary battery-free system. Soft pliable ear cushions and headband pads combine with dual direction ear cup pivots to provide long flight wearing comfort.


  • Flexible boom-mounted microphone, positionable for right- or left-side use
  • Light-weight, battery-free ANR with onboard fail-safe to ensure constant communication
  • Soft, pliable ear cushions and headband pads
  • Stainless steel headband and pivot points for superior durability
  • FAA TSO C139a approved Flexible Boom
  • Color: Black and stainless steel
  • Cord Length: 6 ft +/- 4in (1.8m +/- 10cm)
  • 3 year warranty

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Telex AIRMAN 850 (A301317-XXX)

Airman 850
Lightweight ANR headset, no batteries or panel power needed.


  • Flexible Boom
  • Color: Black
  • Cord Length: 5.58 ft (1.7 m)
  • Ear Seals: Plush foam
  • FAA TSO Approvals: C57a and C58a
  • Frequency Response: 350-15000 Hz
  • Impedance: 150 +/- 20% Ω
  • Microphone Frequency Response: 300-6000 Hz
  • Microphone Impedance: 50-600 Ω
  • Microphone Sensitivity: -51 +/- 3 dB dBV/Pa
  • Microphone Type: Noise-Cancelling Amplified Electret
  • Noise Reduction: ≤ 12 dB
  • Power via mic bias
  • Power Requirements Microphone Bias (requires boom microphone to be powered continuously)
  • Speaker: Dynamic
  • Speaker Sensitivity: 85-95 SPL/mW
  • Stereo: No
  • Weight: 113.98 g (4.02 oz)
  • 3 year warranty

Weight and plug type:
Weight: 4 oz. (113 g)
  • Standard dual plugs (PJ-55 / PJ-068).
  • With XLR5 connector (for Airbus).

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David Clark H10-13X (DC-H10-13X)

The David Clark H10-13X ANR headset

David Clark starts with a lightweight, comfortable headset and adds ENC technology for a super quiet ride. Soft air-flow pillow headpad and new "undercut" gel-filled ear seals provide extraordinary comfort.

The headset has advanced Electronic Noise Cancelling technology that assures an amazingly quiet flight. When ENC is active, noise cancellation improves by 12-17 dB. The ENC system and exclusive M-7A noise cancelling electret microphone provide unsurpassed performance and clear crisp transmission and reception. Also stereo compatible for use with stereo intercom and cabin entertainment systems.

Lightweight at just 480g and featuring super soft gel earseals with exclusive velvet fleece surface, combined with reduced headband pressure and a soft foam filled pillow headband create a comfort level never before experienced in a noise attenuating headset.

Operates on one nine volt battery (included). Automatic ENC shut-off saves battery life. Dual volume control.

    • Noise Reduction 23dB + 12-17 ANR Reduction.
    • Lightweight at just 480g.
    • Super soft gel ear seals.
    • Exclusive, patented flex/wire boom for easy, precise mic placement.
    • Reduced headband pressure.
    • Soft foam-filled pillow headpad.
    • M-7A noise cancelling electret mic provides clear, crisp transmission..
    • Stereo compatible for use with stereo intercom.
    • Battery Power Module - 1 x 9V battery for up to 25 hours of operation.
    • 150cm (extended) coil cord terminating with a 10 pin quick release connector.
    • Backed by a David Clark 5-Year Guarantee.

    Technical Data Sheet:

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    David Clark One-X (DC-One-X)

    The David Clark ONE-X (ENC headset)

    David Clark Electronic Noise Cancelling (ENC) headsets are designed to deliver superior active noise reduction performance. Perfect for pilots that are passionate about sound. DC PRO-X is new model with advanced, Hybrid ENC technology. ENC headsets feature electronically independent, dual earphone drivers with Fail Safe operation for uninterrupted communication - even if the ENC system or its power source fails.

      Hybrid ENC technology with Bluetooth wireless and advanced comfort features
      • Hybrid Electronic Noise Cancellation with advanced feed-forward and feed-back technology provides best-in-class active noise reduction
      • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) ensures high-fidelity audio for superior communications and music listening
      • Bluetooth® wireless technology provides seamless integration for connecting to cell phones, MP3, tablets or other smart devices
      • Stereo/mono switch ─ compatible with all aircraft audio panel configurations
      • M-55 electret microphone with enhanced noise cancelling
      • Rugged yet lightweight alloy headband and suspension system is adjustable for personalized fit
      • Low profile, Outlast® fabric head pad with vented design absorbs excess heat to keep you cool and eliminates 'hot spots'
      • Over-the-ear, leatherette ear seals with slow recovery foam cradle the ears in comfort and provide a snug, secure seal
      • Compact, in-line control module with backlit, touch-key user interface controls On/Off, Bluetooth® wireless technology and volume control
      • Control module powered by two (2) AA batteries for up to 50 hours of use
      • Collapsible, folding design for compact storage in David Clark headset bag (included)
      • Weight (without cord assembly) 350g
      • FAA TSO-C139a Approved
      • Five-year warranty

      Technical Data Sheet:

      Quick Reference Guide

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      Telex AIRMAN 7 (AIRMAN7-021X)

      Airman 7
      Next generation ultra-lightweight headset.

      General Description
      The Telex Airman 7 is a lightweight headset with boom microphone designed specifically for optimizing pilot communications in commercial and business turbine aircraft. Building on the tradition of the Airman 750, the Airman 7 has improved durability, intelligibility, and comfort. Soft pliable ear cushions and headband pads combine with dual direction ear cup pivots to provide long flight wearing comfort.


      • Flexible boom-mounted microphone, positionable for right or left-side use
      • Dual-sided, Single-sided, and Listen-only versions available
      • Soft, pliable ear cushions and headband pads
      • FAA TSO C-139a approved
      • Color: Black and stainless steel
      • Cord Length: 6 ft +/- 4in (1.8m +/- 10cm)
      • 3 year warranty

      Technical Data Sheet


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      Telex AIRMAN 750 (64300-XXX)

      The Airman 750
      The Airman 750 weighs under four ounces, but it's no lightweight when it comes to performance. A miniature, amplified noise canceling electret mic provides superior 400 Hz hum rejection. Flexible boom pivots to either side of the head. Stainless steel headband has overhead cord, and dual dynamic receivers include replaceable cushions that gently hug each ear. The Airman 750 is approved for aircraft use under Federal Aviation Agency TSO C57a and C58a; the Airman 76O, under TSO C57a.

      Both units feature open-air style earphones for long-term, fatigue-free usage. The earphone housings are mounted on stainless steel sliders which permit over two inches (51 mm) of fitting adjustment. The ear cushions are removable for easy field replacement.

      The Airman 750 Headset features a miniature, amplified, noise-canceling electret microphone that provides superior 400 Hz hum rejection. The microphone boom is flexible for optimum microphone placement, and it is reversible for wearing on either side of the head. For best results, the microphone should be positioned as close to the mouth as possible. A position at one side of the mouth is best to minimize popping, hissing and breathing sounds when speaking. The microphone amplifier is contained in the boom-side earphone housing. The amplifier has an adjustable gain control and provides output levels equivalent to carbon microphone levels. (Adjustment by a qualified avionics technician is recommended.)

      Weight: 4 oz. (115 g) Connectors: Standard dual plugs (PJ-55 / PJ-068). Also available as an Telex 750 for Airbus with XLR5 connector.

      Technical Sheet


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      Telex Echelon 25XT (ECHELON25XT)

      Telex headset ECHELON 25XT
      The Echelon 25XT packs additional comfort and performance features onto the solid Echelon platform. The 25XT includes Telex’s innovative cell phone/MP3 adapter that allows you to attach both your cell phone and MP3 player at the same time. No more switching cords! Need to communicate? Simply mute them both at a touch of a button. For increased comfort, the Echelon 25XT features a plush, thick foam headband pad and newly designed, more comfortable ear cushions. The Echelon 25XT also offers individual volume controls for each ear cup and a stereo/mono select switch.

      Total Noise Reduction
      25 dB passive protection.

      Customize Your Headset for a Comfortable Fit
      Telex’s patented ComfortCam™ system allows you to adjust your headset for a custom fit. ComfortCam eliminates clamping, no matter how long you wear the headset.

      Cell Phone/Audio Adaptor
      Unique dual cell phone/audio device interface. Connect your cell phone and music at the same time. No more switching cords! Plus you can mute both devices at the flick of a switch.

      Advanced Microphone Technology
      The Echelon 25XT features a high-quality, noise-canceling electret microphone to ensure the clearest possible transmission.

      Impact-Resistant Headband Design
      You don’t need to sacrifice comfort for durability. The Echelon utilizes an impact-resistant headband design with stainless steel reinforced stress points for durability and light weight.

      Seal Out Sound. Seal In Comfort.
      New heat-sensitive, slow-recovery foam earpiece cushions form a secure, but comfortable fit — even around sun glasses. Created from a unique material, our cushions have the luxurious feel of lambskin leather but are much easier to keep clean.

      Total Control Means Superior Sound
      Dual volume controls allow you to adjust each speaker for your unique hearing needs. Switchable stereo and mono controls ensures that you receive the best possible radio signal.

      Boom Microphone
      Enables smooth, precise adjustment. Easy converts to a left or right side orientation — put the microphone exactly where you want it for superior transmission clarity and it stays there.

      Flight Bag
      Stylish, durable flight bag protects your investment.

      13.6 oz/386 grams.

        • Frequency Response 350 Hz - 3 kHz +/- 6 dB
        • Impedance Stereo: 150 Mono: 300 Ω
        • Microphone Frequency Response 100 Hz - 3.5 kHz
        • Microphone Impedance 50 Ω
        • Microphone Sensitivity -50 +/- 6 dB dBV/Pa
        • Microphone Type Noise-Cancelling Electret Condenser
        • Noise Reduction ≤ 25 dB
        • Speaker Dynamic
        • Speaker Sensitivity 85-95 SPL/mW
        • Weight 13.62 oz (386 g)


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          Telex Echelon 20 (ECHELON20)

          Telex headset ECHELTON 20
          The Telex Echelon 20 is a medium-weight noise-reduction headset with amplified, noise-canceling, electret microphone. Best passive noise reduction headset for students and new pilots.

          Design Feature
          Comfortable foam-filled headband pad and ear cushions. The headband pad evenly distributes the headset weight with no pressure points, for maximum wearer comfort. The lightweight ear cushions combine comfort with an excellent acoustic seal. An outer urethane layer ensures long life. Gel-filled ear cushions are also available for this headset for users who prefer this type. All cushions are fieldreplaceable.

          Comfort and Fit
          The Echelon 20 features a foam-filled headband pad that evenly distributes the headset weight with no pressure points for maximum wearer comfort. The lightweight ear cushions combine comfort with an excellent acoustic seal. An outer urethane layer ensures long life and all cushions are field replaceable.

          Sound Quality
          The Echelon 20 provides an impressive 20+ dB of passive noise protection and top-quality noise-cancelling electret microphone for clear, reliable communications.

          The boom arm features a sealed ball-and-socket joint and flexible boom for precise microphone placement on any head size. The boom rotates overhead for placement on either side of the head. The microphone cartridge features a noise-cancelling electret element.

          The microphone cordage is protected inside the boom arm. Shielded wire throughout the headset protects against RFI and EMI. Strain reliefs on all cords provide maximum durability.

            • Color: Medium Gray
            • Frequency Response: 100 Hz - 3.5 kHz
            • Impedance: 150 Ω
            • Microphone Frequency Response: 100 Hz - 3.5 kHz
            • Microphone Impedance: 50-600 Ω
            • Microphone Sensitivity: -50 +/- 6 dBV/Pa
            • Microphone Type: Noise-Cancelling Electret
            • Noise Reduction: ≤ 20 dB
            • Speaker: Dynamic
            • Speaker Sensitivity: 95 SPL/mW
            • Weight: 14.22 oz (403 g)

              User Manual:

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              David Clark H10-13.4 (DC-H10-13.4)

              David Clark H10-13.4
              The David Clark H10-13.4 Headset is the best selling noise-attenuating headset. No other headset has been able to match it for comfort, performance and reliability.

              Its lightweight design and outstanding comfort features reduce fatigue during flight. Low-profile volume knob with detent settings guards against accidental volume shifts. Durable construction includes a moulded cord assembly made to exceptional pull and flex standards. The H10-13.4 is the headset that sets the quality and performance standards for the entire industry.

                • Extremely lightweight - only 380g.
                • Certified Noise Reduction Rating - 23 dB.
                • Reduced headband force.
                • New Soft Air-Flow Pillow Headpad.
                • Flo-Fit Gel Ear Seals.
                • Universal Flex Boom for perfect microphone placement.
                • Exclusive M-7A, the most advanced noise-cancelling microphone available.
                • Low-profile volume control knob with detent settings.
                • Moulded cord assembly made to exceptional pull and flex standards.

                Technical Data Sheet:

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                Lynx Pilot Headset (LYNX-PILOT-HEADSET-P)

                Lynx Pilot Headsets

                The Pilot System Headsets is designed specifically for use in light aircraft and helicopters. The headsets is noise attenuating and provides hearing protection in noise levels up to 110 dB(A). All Lynx headsets are fitted with Silicone Gel ear seals and are fully adjustable. Each headset includes a specially developed electret noise canceling microphone, an electronic speech processor and high quality speakers. Headset Weight is 550 g.

                The microphone is sensitive to speech but rejects extraneous background noise while the speech processor modifies the voice signal to produce a clear and natural sound. The microphone is mounted in a rubber anti shock holder and is protected by a foam wind shield that can be removed easily for cleaning or replacement.

                The headset speakers are housed in acoustically balanced enclosures which seal the headset against moisture and allow the ear-cups to be cleaned hygienically. The actual speakers are sealed units and are wired in parallel for maximum reliability. The speaker volume is adjustable and can be set using the built-in volume control.

                The headset is fited with interchangable leads which can be swapped easily for use in different aircraft. Leads are available for connection to a wide range of general aviation intercom equipment.


                • Can be used with Lynx helmet
                • Optimized for use in open-cockpit aircraft
                • Interchangable leads for use in different aircraft
                • Passive noise attenuation to 110 dB(A)
                • Water resistant noise canceling microphone
                • Acoustically balanced speaker enclosures
                • Water resistant quick-release connector
                • Fully adjustable headband
                • Silicone gel ear seals

                Headset colour:White
                Headset Connector: GA Twin Plug

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                AirClassics HS-1A Headset (ASA-HS-1A)

                AirClassics HS-1A Headset

                Flex Boom Mic!

                Communicate with advanced technology, maximum comfort, sleek look, and a Lifetime Warranty — all for a reasonable price!

                Now with New Flex Boom Microphone!

                Good communications are essential for a successful flight. ASA provides this in the HS-1A with the most advanced technology, maximum comfort, high-quality components, and sleek look — all for a reasonable price!

                Designed, engineered, and manufactured by experts in the headset business, ASA is so confident in the quality, the HS-1A is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the original owner.

                Protect your hearing, don’t miss any radio calls, and be certain your transmissions are heard with this feature-rich, value-priced headset.

                HS-1A Features

                • Earcups of high-density acoustic foam for best passive noise attenuation
                • Has noise reduction rating (NRR) 23 dB
                • High fidelity speakers for clear, natural sound
                • Electret, noise-canceling flex-boom microphone reduces background noise and allows clearest voice transmission
                • Gold-plated microphone and headphone plugs ensure best connection and resist corrosion
                • High-grade, multi-strand wire improves cable life
                • Stereo/mono capability
                • Large, dual controls for quick, easy volume adjustment of each ear
                • Microphone muff
                • Adjustable headband with easy thumb screws eliminates "hot spots" and accommodates eyeglasses and any head size
                • Quality foam ear seals and light weight add to overall comfort
                • Sleek, all-black design with ASA silver wings tastefully silk-screened on each earcup
                • Sturdy and reliable — yet reasonably priced for maximum value
                • Lifetime warranty
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                AvComm AC-260 PNR Child Headset (AC-260)

                AvComm AC-260 PNR Child Headset (Ipod/MP3)

                FREE Headset BagFREE Mic Muff

                The AvComm AC-260 PNR™ with Avcomm's exclusive patented PNR™ (passive noise reduction) technology features a unique head band and wire boom made exclusively for children or adults with head sizes 53 cm or less.

                Adjust it small enough for a young child or expand it easily to fit smaller adults, or even add an optional full-size head band and ear seals for a full-size headset.

                All Avcomm standard features are included, however the AC-260 headset is supplied with smaller ear seals for a closer fit and affords excellent noise attenuation to pro-tect sensitive ears. Also features a larger volume knob for easy use by children. Weighs only 428g (14.2 oz).

                • AvComm exclusive patented PNR™ audio technology
                • Built in stereo IPOD/MP3 port
                • Sized for petite adults and children
                • Converts to full size, so it will "grow! with your kid
                • 5-way adjustable wire boom lets you position the mic for comfort and clear transmission
                • Full five-year factory warranty
                • 428g for a very light feel on your child's head.



                Impedance: 150 ohms/mono
                Impedance: 300 ohms/stereo
                Frequency range: 200-6kHz
                Sensitivity: 101 dB
                Volume control attenuation: 15 dB

                Wire spring boom type
                Frequency response: 300-8 kHz
                Mic resistance: 220-2200 ohms
                Electret Noise Canceling Mic


                Tensile reinforced copper wiring
                Straight shielded cord 1,5m
                Polyurethane insulation (UV safe)
                Gold plated mic plug: 5.23 mm
                Gold plated speaker plug: 6.35 mm

                NRR: 24 dB
                Stainless steel frame
                Domes: ABS high impact plastic
                Weight: 428 g

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                Lafayette HD-1000H (HD-1000H)

                Lafayette HD-1000H Helicopter Headset

                The Lafayette's aviation headsets were designed to provide a reliable and trouble free service for a very long time. Headsets were certified by National Acoustic Laboratories.

                HD-1000 Features:
                Extra thick ventilated cushion headpad for maximum comfort. Cushioned ear seals for the best possible noise attenuation. Corrosion proof chrome plated steel frame. Stirrup pivot assembly gives ear cups universal fit. Coiled cord with Nexus U-174/U helicopter/NATO plug installed. Lock nut construction for customized fit. Once it is set, it will fit you every time. Listening Volume Control allows you to adjust to a comfortable level. Universal Boom allows microphone to be placed on the left or right side of mouth. Spring tension boom assembly for precise microphone placement. High performance Noise Cancelling Microphones.

                With cord and plug weighs approximately 515 g.


                Wired in parallel: 300 ohms/each
                Compatible with: 150~1000 ohm

                HD203 wide dynamic frequency
                range microphone with improved
                immunity to electrical noise


                Coiled cord: 1,5 m
                Plug: Nexus U-174/U
                (helicopter/NATO plug)

                NRR: 24 dB
                Chrome plated steel frame
                Wire boom microphone
                Weight: 515 g (cord & plug)

                Product discontinued - Only 1 left in stock.

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                David Clark H10-13H (DCH10-13H)

                David Clark H10-13H
                The David Clark H10-13H is one of our best selling helicopter headsets, based on the proven design of the H10-13.4 headset. No other headset has been able to match it for comfort, performance and reliability.

                  • Expanded, super-soft, double foam head pad
                  • Larger, yet lighter, Comfort Gel, undercut ear seals
                  • Reduced headband force
                  • Universal flex boom for perfect microphone placement
                  • Exclusive M-7A, the most advanced noise-cancelling microphone available
                  • Low-profile volume control knob with detent settings
                  • Molded cord assembly made to exceptional pull and flex standards
                  • 5-Year Warranty, Made in USA
                  • 1.5m extended coil cord and a single plug
                  • FAA TSO Approved C57b, C58a
                  • Exceeds RTCA/DO-214 Standards
                  • Weight (without cord assembly): 488g
                  • Certified Noise Reduction Rating - 23 dB

                  Technical Data Sheet:

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                  Headset Bag NG (D4P-1041)
                  Headset Bag NG
                  Due to the increasingly higher quality of headsets, we have developed a bag that provides even more security for your headset.

                  This well-padded bag is made with durable nylon and is fitted with a sturdy protective frame. Shocks are better absorbed, giving your headset even more protection.

                  There is a zippered compartment on the front, a cell phone pocket on the side, and on the other side a wide elastic holder for pens or flashlights. On the back there is also a large compartment for cards, charts, flight plan, etc.

                  The main inner compartment can be divided using flexible Velcro. Due to the upholstered partition wall, everything fits securely and stably.

                  The inside of the lid has two zippered compartments and business card slots. To the left and right of this there are 2 pen holders, and one elastic holder for batteries.


                  Size (L x W x H):24,5 cm x 26,5 cm x 9,5 cm
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                  ASA Headset Bag, single (ASA-BAG-HS1)

                  ASA Headset Bag, single
                  Protect your communication equipment and organize your flight gear. This headset bag is for those who like to fly with minimum baggage. It has room for one headset, an intercom, and push-to-talk switch, and features extra pockets and all-around padding for maximum protection.

                  Color: Available in black with blue lining and updated gray wings logo

                  Dimensions (W x H x D):23 cm x 23 cm x 9 cm (9” x 9” x 3-1/2”)

                  25,00€  Inc Tax
                  ASA Headset Bag, double (ASA-BAG-HS)

                  ASA Headset Bag, double
                  Double-sided, 1/4" padding everywhere; holds two headsets.

                  The ASA Double Headset Bag will hold a headset, intercom, and push-to-talk switch on each side of the bag. Transport and protect your communications equipment in style.

                  Or use one side for your headset and peripherals and the other side for your other GPS receivers and other flight gear. The 1/4" padding everywhere provides maximum protection.

                  Color: Black with silver wings logo.

                  Dimensions (W x H x D): 23 cm x 23 cm x 15 cm (9” x 9” x 6”)

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                  Lynx Headset Bag (LYNX-HEADSET-BAG)

                  Lynx Headset Bag
                  A soft cloth bag used to store an individual headset. The bag is made from fleece cloth and incorporates a drawnstring closure. The bag provides suitable protection for a headset when not being used.


                  • Protective bag for an individual headset
                  • Soft fleece cloth
                  • Drawstring closure


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                  Headband Spring (DC15093P-01)

                  David Clark Headband Spring

                  17,08€  Inc Tax
                  Asa Headset Headpad (ASA-HS-1-PAD)
                  Asa Headset Headpad
                  Soft, padded, microfiber fleece cover increases comfort and brings new life to an old headset.

                  ASA's new AirClassics™ Headset Head Pad brings headset comfort to a higher level. This soft, padded, microfiber fleece cover is a great way to increase comfort and bring new life to an old headset.

                  The simple-fit pad uses convenient hook-and-loop closure to allow for easy installation and removal as well as access to headset adjustments. The wide, soft footprint avoids trapping heat, and reduces hot spots. We've also included a standard headset pad just in case the current one needs replacement.

                  The Headset Head Pad fits ASA headsets as well as most other models. It is designed to fit spring steel headbands up to 5/8" wide, but may be modified to fit slightly larger headbands. Installation instructions are included.

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