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The Pilot Atlas - Apple App (AZ-ATL-EU-APP)

The Pilots Atlas Eastern Hemisphere (Europe,Middle East and S.E. and Asia) - App for iPad and iPhone

The famous Pilots “Free Flight” Atlas. Founded in 1998, is now available as an App for iPhone and iPad.

Detailed mapping with selectable aeronautical overlays.

Create your charts with the information you choose. Add private airports, waypoints, favorite locations, tips, notes, photos and share with friends and colleagues or post for inclusion in the app for others to see.

Create, edit and store your flight planed route by clicking on airports, waypoints, VOR´s, NDB´s or Lat/ Long or by using ICAO/ IATA-codes.

Insert and save your destination favorites, create trips, waypoints, photos or notes directly on the map. Implement screen shots from your online-map into the offline-map.

  • Contour level by color (meter + feet).
  • 120,000 Waypoints (three different typs)
  • 22,000 Airports (three different typs)
  • 35,000 Nav-aid´s (VOR-DME, NDB, TACAN, VORTAC, ILS-DME)
  • 10,000 POI´s ( points of interest)
  • FIR Boundaries
  • Special Use Airspace areas (SUAs)
  • Topographical maps
  • Trip planning (by Waypoints, VOR´s, airports, NDB´s, ICAO/ IATA codes or Lat/ Long).
  • Share, copy, invert or export your trip, delete/ edit single trip-points or whole trips. The whole trip-length is shown and also the distance between single trip-points.
  • Show all your trips (or select your specials) in the map by different colors.
  • 6 different charts on board: planning chart, offline map and online maps (OSM), NASA Satellite today, NASA Satellite yesterday and NASA City Lights.
  • Airports, Runway length, elevation, ICAO/ IATA, airport-name, city-name, Lat/ Long, frequencies, magnetic variation and much more
  • Create range-circles around airports
  • METAR + TAF are available by clicking on the airport-icon and you can create/edit your own weather-list (along your trip/route).
  • onnect an external GPS
  • Delete and re-download the areas you need whenever you like.

Captain Corner reference stuff:

  • Aviation Converter / Calculator (temp., mass, area, volume, energy, speed power, pressure, length, force..)
  • Weather symbols
  • Turbulence, VOLMET table
  • SNOWTAM decoder (Notam + Metar)
  • MEATAR decoder
  • General country Information (Capital city, reg.-code, ISO-code, dialing-prefix, time zone)
  • ICAO prefix table
  • Thumb rules
  • Volcano warning
  • Aeronautical abbreviations
  • Morse codes
  • Airport category
  • Operating minima
  • Operating minima CAT I + II
  • Climb rate and Kerosine calculator
  • Airport, Nav-aid, Waypoint, POI directory
  • TAF decoder
  • IATA delay codes
  • Dangerous goods
  • Military Interception signaling
  • Military MEATAR color codes
  • Current weather
  • De-Icing / Holdover times
  • Wind chill calculator
  • ACARS Frequencies
  • SOS-Emergency
  • Time Zones
  • Flags worldwide

Additional weather-overlay as an in-App-subscription: 1-month free trial. Length of subscription: one year. Payment: once a year, charged to iTunes-account. Automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-h before end of period (account settings).

The Weather-Layer is an yearly auto renewing in-App-Subscription for 3.99 USD with 30 days free trial.

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The Pilots' Free Flight Atlas (AZ-ATL-EU)

The Pilots Atlas Eastern Hemisphere (Europe,Middle East and S.E. and Asia)
JNC scale, topographical charts are used showing over 4,500 airportsWaypoints, VOR/DME, NDB´s and special use airspace are included, plusweather frequencies, points of interest, landmarks, airport-directorywith ICAO-codes, railways, rivers, major highways, just to name a few.Airports are colour coded by runway length and surface. International/regional Aerodromes are coded by symbol shape. Pilots now have theability to point out objects on the ground or know immediately wherethey are in relation to surrounding airports or points of interest: anall-in-one source of information for pre-flight or during flight.

  • Completely new cartography
  • Completely new aeronautical data
  • new airport directory
  • new overview maps
  • new Captain's Corner
  • Expanded Area
  • 16 additional pages cartography
  • now 224 pages content◦158 pages maps
  • 39 pages Captain's Corner
  • 27 pages overviews
  • complete Atlas is printed in color
  • with ICAO-codes, waypoints, VOR's, NDB's, etc.
  • restricted, prohibited and danger areas
  • High quality, foiled cover

20 cm x 28 cm, 224 pages, 4-color

  • Paper Quality: Cover: 250 g/qm, wood-free, Glossy-Paper
  • Contents: 65 g/qm, wood-free, Matt
  • Cover: Clear foil laminate, Simi-Gloss
  • Overview-maps: 27 pages
  • Europe-coverage: 96 pages, scale: 1: 2,000,000
  • South-Africa-coverage: 8 pages, scale: 1: 2,750,000
  • Mid-East & Asia: 54 pages, scale: 1: 4,000,000
  • Captains Corner: 39 pages


Base Cartography is a street atlas. Basic information such as:mountains, lakes, rivers, railway lines, national boundaries, cities,villages, highways, country roads, natural parks and sights arenaturally included in the maps. In addition, aeronautical informationhas been incorporated: more than 4,500 ICAO codes with color coding forthe runway length, VOR / DME's with frequencies, NDBs, waypoints withcode and VOLMET frequencies.

Outline Maps:
  • 4 pages Europe & Asia Political, 2 pages ClimateWinds,
  • 2 pages star chart north pole, 2 page time zones webabbreviation.,
  • 2 pages North Atlantic overview, 2 pages Africa overview,
  • 4 pages Asia Middle East overview and 2 pages
  • Pacific Overview, 2 Pages Australia Overview.
  • 1 double page North Atlantic routes
  • 1 double page African continent
  • 2 doublepages Asia routes to Japan
  • 1 double pages Pacific routs
  • 1 double pages Australia routs
  • 1 double page North Pole and star chart and 4 pagesSatellite picture Europe & Asia with mainwinds avrage,
  • 2 pages Europe & Asia political map
  • 1 page star chart
  • 1 page polar chart
  • 2 pages timezones with web-suffixes

Captains Corner:
39 pages of aeronautical information updated with thelatest JAA information. To the Airport Directory in the CaptainsCorner, we have added the coordinates (Lat / Long) for every airport.World Aircraft Registration, Volmet-Broadcasts, Weather Symbols, Metar,Climb Gradients, Conversion Tables, Crosswind Component, Holding,Aerodrome Operating Minima, De-icing Table, Aerodrome Signs Signalsand Abbreviations and…..

30,00€  Inc Tax
Pilot's Atlas Satelite Wall Map (AZ-WALL-MAP)

Pilot's Atlas Satelite Wall Map

The fascinating view of our Earth from the Astronaut's eye. The Pilots World Satellite Wall Map.

High-resolution satellite image in photo quality, laminated print, 88 x 150cm (35 x 89 inch), with over 500 ICAO codes.

The specialty for Pilots lies in the exact placement of over 550 airports and their ICAO codes. An Airport directory (with ICAO, IATA, Lat. Long., City, Country, Longest runway and airport name) is included with every print.

  • Size: 88 cm x 150 cm only l,5 mm thick. (35' x 89', thick: 1/16')
  • Quality: PVC-matte finish scratch resistant, on non skid backing
  • Publisher/Copyright: absolutezero multimedia GmbH, D- 41189 Mönchengladbach
  • Aeronautical Datas: Jeppesen GmbH Neu-Isenburg
  • Satellite-photo: WorldSat International Inc., Canada
  • Scale at Aquator: 1 : 27.500.000
41,00€  Inc Tax
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