Icom IC-A6E VHF Com

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Icom IC-A6E VHF Com

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Icom IC-A6E VHF letalska ročna postaja
The IC-A6E VHF Transceiver has a completely renewed style with a large LCD with automatic backlight for night and new speaker. It offer reliable and simple operation by way of a minimum of practical functions.

  • Durable, stylish body
  • LCD automatic backlight for night time operation
  • 5W (PEP) output power
  • Full airband coverage (118-136.975 Mhz)
  • ANL (Auto Noise Limiter) for noise reduction
  • Side tone function, with standard GA headsets
  • Low battery indication and over voltage alert

Channel spacing
  • 25 kHz / 8.33 kHz

Channel recall function
New for the IC-A6E, this function automatically memorizes the last 10 used channels. You can easily recall those channels by pushing recall buttons on the front panel. It is very convenient for switching between several channels at a time, such as NAV channels and COM channel.

Icom F series battery packs and case
The IC-A6E shares the same battery packs and case with other Icom commercial range of radios. Variety of battery types, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-Ion are optionally selectable. The battery case for use with 6 AA (LR6) alkaline cells is also available (BP-208N).

Simultaneous operation and charging
The IC-A6E has an external DC power jack for operation with the wall charger or the cigarette lighter cable. When battery pack is installed to the radio, it is also simultaneously charged during operation.

Dedicated 121.5 MHz emergency key
A dedicated red emergency key programmed with a 121.5 MHz homing frequency is equipped to give you extra confidence in the event of an emergency.

Large 200 memory channel capacity with memory banks
All memory channels can be named with a 6-character name for easy recognition. By grouping these channels into 10 memory banks, it is even easier to find the right channel. The optional software (CS-A24) allows you easy memory management from your PC.

Water Resistant Construction
The water resistant construction provides reliable operation in wet conditions (equivalent to IPX4).

  • IC-A6E
  • Battery pack BP-210N
  • Battery charger BC-110DR
  • Belt clip MB-103
  • Antenna FA-B02AR
  • Handstrap



  • Razpoložljivost: 2-5 dni
  • Kataloška številka: ICOM-IC-A6E
  • Proizvajalec: Icom

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