Lynx Avionics

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Lynx Pilot Headset (LYNX-PILOT-HEADSET-P)

Lynx Pilot Headsets

The Pilot System Headsets is designed specifically for use in light aircraft and helicopters. The headsets is noise attenuating and provides hearing protection in noise levels up to 110 dB(A). All Lynx headsets are fitted with Silicone Gel ear seals and are fully adjustable. Each headset includes a specially developed electret noise canceling microphone, an electronic speech processor and high quality speakers. Headset Weight is 550 g.

The microphone is sensitive to speech but rejects extraneous background noise while the speech processor modifies the voice signal to produce a clear and natural sound. The microphone is mounted in a rubber anti shock holder and is protected by a foam wind shield that can be removed easily for cleaning or replacement.

The headset speakers are housed in acoustically balanced enclosures which seal the headset against moisture and allow the ear-cups to be cleaned hygienically. The actual speakers are sealed units and are wired in parallel for maximum reliability. The speaker volume is adjustable and can be set using the built-in volume control.

The headset is fited with interchangable leads which can be swapped easily for use in different aircraft. Leads are available for connection to a wide range of general aviation intercom equipment.


  • Can be used with Lynx helmet
  • Optimized for use in open-cockpit aircraft
  • Interchangable leads for use in different aircraft
  • Passive noise attenuation to 110 dB(A)
  • Water resistant noise canceling microphone
  • Acoustically balanced speaker enclosures
  • Water resistant quick-release connector
  • Fully adjustable headband
  • Silicone gel ear seals

Headset colour: White
Headset Connector: GA Twin Plug

435,00€  Inc Tax
Lynx Headset Bag (LYNX-HEADSET-BAG)

Lynx Headset Bag
A soft cloth bag used to store an individual headset. The bag is made from fleece cloth and incorporates a drawnstring closure. The bag provides suitable protection for a headset when not being used.


  • Protective bag for an individual headset
  • Soft fleece cloth
  • Drawstring closure

Colour: Black

14,00€  Inc Tax
Microphone Wind Shield for Lynx Headsets (LYNX-HEADSET-MUFF)

Microphone Wind Shield
Foam microphone wind shield for use with all Lynx headsets.

  • Small (25mm Ø)
  • Large (37mm Ø)
Foam microphone wind shield for use with all Lynx headsets.

Colour: Black

9,00€  Inc Tax
Lynx Helmet Peak (LYNX-HELMET-PEAK)

Lynx Helmet Peak
*helmet sold separately

18,90€  Inc Tax
Lynx Pilot System Helmet (LYNX-HELMET)

Lynx Pilot System Helmet
A hard helmet designed specifically for use with Pilot System headsets which combines with the headset to form an integrated assembly.

As headsets can be used without the helmet, this equipment provides a flexible communication system that can be used in both open-cockpit and enclosed-cockpit aircraft.

The helmet has an outer shell of high impact Polycarbonate and an internal trauma liner made from a combination of Polystyrene and Viscoelastic Polyurethane (Memory Foam). The trauma liner moulds to the shape of the user's head, which makes the helmets very comfortable, whilst the composite design of the liner maintains full impact protection.

Threaded bushes are provided in the outer shell, allowing an optional visor to be securely attached. The chin strap is adjustable and is fitted with a quick release buckle.


  • Helmet can be used with any Lynx headset
  • Headset can be used without helmet
  • Available in four sizes:
    • S (55 - 57 cm)
    • M (57 - 59 cm)
    • L (59 - 61 cm)
    • XL (61 - 63 cm)
  • Certified to European Standard (CE) for Pilot Helmets EN966:1996

Helmet colour: White

*headset is not included

257,00€  Inc Tax
Lynx Helmet Visor (white) (LYNX-VISOR-W)

Lynx Helmet Visor (white)
The Helmet Visor (face shield) is designed for use with Lynx helmets and provides face protection alongside the head protection offered by the helmet.

The visor is manufactured from Polycarbonate and attaches securely to the helmet using three machine fasteners.

The visor design incorporates an aerodynamic peak, smooth pivot mechanism and a manual latch to lock the visor in the closed position.

To provide unrestricted vision when used with a visor extension, the visor opens fully and also locks into the open position. The visor is available as standard with a white opaque peak or in a high visibility version with a transparent tinted peak. The high visibility visor allows the user to see through the peak and provides better upwards visibility which is useful in certain applications.


  • Provides protection against the elements
  • Aerodynamic visor peak
  • Opaque or Transparent peak options
  • Integrated visor latch locks the visor closed
  • Integrated visor catch holds the visor open

Visor peak: White

75,00€  Inc Tax
Lynx Visor Extension (white) (LYNX-VISOR-EXT-W)

Lynx Visor Extension (white)
The Visor Extension is designed for use with a Lynx visor (face shield) and combines with the visor to form a streamlined assembly. The extension is injection moulded from the same Polycarbonate material as the helmet which ensures an accurate fit to the visor with maximum strength. The extension can be factory fitted to the visor or supplied as a kit of parts.


  • Streamlined profile
  • Injection moulded Polycarbonate
  • Factory fitted or kit of parts

Colour: White

42,00€  Inc Tax
Lynx Leather Helmet (LYNX-LEATHER-HELMET)

Lynx Leather Helmet
A soft leather helmet with padded chamois lining for use with Lynx headset. The helmet is fited over the headset and combines with it to form an integrated assembly. Hand madeto resemble a second world war fighter helmet, and weighing only 270 grams, this helmet is ideal for use in classic open-cockpit aircraft.


  • Helmet can be used with any Lynx headset
  • Can be used with or without headset
  • Hand made from leather and chamois

*headset is not included


  • Small (S): 55 - 57cm
  • Large (L): 59 - 61cm
179,00€  Inc Tax
Lynx Helmet Goggles (LYNX-GOGGLES)

Lynx Helmet Goggles
Authentic MARK49 goggles with brass frames and stitched leather face mask. The helmet goggles are intended for use with the leather helmet and provide a classic look to the modern intercom equipment.


  • Authentic WWII design
  • Brass frames
  • Hand stitched leather work
116,00€  Inc Tax
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