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Croatia VFR Trip Kit

49,90€  Inc Tax
Croatia Rogers Data VFR Trip Kit 200k
Airspace structure: 2024
Scale: 1:200,000
Format: A5
  • VFR Trip Kit in DIN A5 format with spiral binding
  • Compilation of all civil and military airfields (including water aerodromes) Croatia
  • Approach procedures, traffic patterns and reporting points of all airfields included
  • Approach sheets in a scale of 1:200,000
  • Airfield maps with aerial photos and graphical additions
  • High-quality paper, digital printed
  • Spiral binding in metal, sheets can be completely turned over

  • Easy to handle in the cockpit
  • VFR Trip Kit in DIN A5 format with spiral binding
  • For the first time, all of Croatia's civil and military airfields are included in a VFR Trip Kit
  • Airfield maps with aerial photos and graphic additions
  • Approach sheets on a scale of 1:200,000
  • Very detailed representation of the airspace
  • VFR sectors Airports, VFR sectors at airfields
  • Arrival and departure procedures, traffic patterns, reporting points, waiting procedures
  • Detailed special topographic background map with hillshading and relief
  • The VFR Trip Kit was produced on very high-quality, stable paper of excellent quality
  • Sheets can be completely turned over, good handling in the cockpit
  • Index of airfields with the respective frequency
  • Interception signals, conversion table, Morse code, ATC Light Gun Signals
  • Altitude Correction, Military Aircraft National Insignia
  • BCMT and ECET table
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Manufacturer: ROGERS DATA